7 thoughts on “More WYD “Tabernacles”… not a Crucifix in sight, but possibly a Pachamama idol-worship plant?”

  1. There needs to be read in the plant for it to be a Pachamama symbol. Either way, it’s incredibly sacreligious.

  2. If anyone reading this knows anyone who went to WYD, in your charity please urge them to go to confession asap. These poor kids were more than likely exposed to demons and may have unknowingly, bowed in adoration to them.

  3. If that is a plant of any kind, it is a representation of a demon idol and most likely pachamama. There is no way someone would inadvertently put a plant on the Christmas ornament storage bins they used for Our Lord.
    The fact they distributed Holy Communion in Ikea bowls and put Christ in these storage bins should be 100% incontrovertible proof that 1) this is intentional sacrilege against Our Lord and 2) they are doing this to outrage faithful Catholics, and 3) they enjoy doing both. Imagine the thought process here. It is a pup tent, there are a few wooden chairs, a dirt flood, people are kneeling on the ground, and someone thought “hm, let’s dress this up with a plant”?. That makes no sense. This is demon worship. What unmitigated bastards he is and these men are.
    God bless the four who showed up to worship. The road to salvation is narrow and few therein find it. The road to destruction is wide and many take it.

  4. The girl in white dress kneeling has told her story. Heart warming…. Savannah Dudzik (on Facebook, etc.):

    The girl kneeling in the white dress? That’s me. There are so many opinions, theories, and accusations going on surrounding World Youth Day, but I wanted to give my two cents as I was there and experienced this circumstance that is now going viral first hand.
    So what happened?
    On Saturday night, World Youth Day hosted praise and adoration at Campo de Grace. My friends and I were walking back from watching this ceremony when we spot some large gray boxes sitting on the table.
    There were maybe two or three people praying around them, and I was honestly confused. I didn’t know what they were praying to, and neither did my friend.
    I went up to one of the ladies and she said, “Jesus. Jesus is in there.” (Referring to the grey boxes)
    At that moment I was infuriated: how dare they disrespect our Lord? What do they think they are doing- putting Him in a box with almost zero respect… people walking right past not knowing it’s Him at all!
    As we walked back to our campsite, I was fuming, but among some conversation with ourselves my friends and I decided that instead of purposeless anger, we were going to do something about it.
    We weren’t going to protest, or post on our social medias that this was an outrage (although I do believe there’s a time and place for that). We weren’t going to gossip to others about it. We were going to take our rosaries, go back to Jesus, and say a rosary in reparation for sins against his Sacred Heart. So that’s what we did.
    There was so much GOOD that came out of World Youth Day- I’m going to do a separate post with all my thoughts, but I’ve been posting about the good all weekend. I think that it’s important to address this, but first to pray.
    Once we’ve prayed- as we did- we can then address the atrocity:
    In my humble opinion, it is an absolute disgrace to put the host in such an unworthy container to be worshiped. Furthermore, it’s an incredible shame that many of the young people didn’t even know this was their Jesus- who came and suffered and died for them- that they should be bowing down to worship!
    When adored- an incredible privilege and honor that Our Lord gives us- Jesus should always be kept in a tabernacle or exposed in a monstrance.
    I’ve talked to a few priests regarding this instance and they all agree with me. One even stated that at Masses of 10s of thousands in St Peter’s Square enormous gold bowls are invested in to hood Jesus.
    The fact that 70% of Catholics don’t even believe in the true presence makes this case even sadder. How are we- the youth- supposed to believe that Jesus is truly here when this is how he is presented?
    I love our Catholic faith, I love our magisterium, but I want to hear something- I want to hear a statement from them: tell us, bishops and priests- tell us, the youth from across the world:
    Why was Jesus exposed in such a manner?
    *Disclaimer: I’ve given the bishops, world youth day organizers, and a few bishop secretaries more than a day to respond. I’ve gotten zero response on this- so I decided to make it more public. If you’ve heard a better explanation as to what happened, please let me know!

    1. Matt,
      I really appreciate you posting this account. It is a much needed corrective for me, personally. Thanks be to God for youth like this. Too often we marinate in discouragement. I know from personal experience … things are not frequently not as they seem – either for seemingly good, or bad.

      “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God”. (Matt 5:9)

  5. I seriously wonder about this. Are the Hosts even validly consecrated? We just assume they are, but all indications lead us to believe that whoever planned this wasn’t even concerned about validity…which makes the sacrament doubtful, and a doubtful sacrament is no sacrament.

    Luther admitted, and we all know how in love the Vatican 2 clerics are with Luther, that his heretical and blasphemous service needed to trick Catholics into believing what they were doing was actually Holy Mass. People have been trained for the past 50+ years to believe that what has been going on since V2 is perfectly fine, when it is not. I understand the belief that the faithful had that what was enclosed in those totes is Our Lord, but all the evidence points to it being bread wafers that were not consecrated.

    Archbishop Lefebvre told Paul VI in 1975 that 90% of the Masses in France were invalid. Paul VI agreed, and did nothing to stop the abuses. Are we really supposed to think that invalid Masses aren’t being offered now, especially since the Argentinian Apostate has usurped St. Peter’s Chair?

    1. Aaron, you are undoubtedly right about what was contained within those boxes. Still … I love what those young ladies did – they returned to the “scene of the crime” and prayed a Rosary as an act of reparation. There is much good in that.

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