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  1. I have a hard time praying in reparation, because I often hope God answers the many blasphemies and sacrileges that abound. It’s hard to imagine what hold’s him back, but sometimes I wish he would answer them. We’re just waiting on the Lord.

  2. They are really just pissing in our faces now and putting God to the test by taunting Him.

    THIS is how much they HATE Him, you, and everything about Him and you.

    If you sent your youth to this event, tell them to fly back home, NOW!

  3. This kind of thing has been going on for decades. I was dragged along to WYD in Canada in 2002. It was basically Woodstock with a thin Catholic veneer.

    I saw people making out, I’m sure there was sex going on, etc. Just a very awful time.

  4. This is what an anti-church, led by a blatantly obvious antipope looks like. I have officially lost all patience with anyone who refers to Bergoglio as “pope Francis” and continues to make excuses for things like this.

    1. See jmy1975’s comment above. It’s been going on way before Bergoglio. Bergoglio is a mercy from God to open the eyes of the faithful…imo.

  5. If you don’t do a holy thing in a holy way, you will lose belief in its holiness. And that also sums up the results of 55 years of the Novus Ordo. And now our bishops want a Eucharistic revival — Eucharistic devotion left the station decades ago; the Church has missed the train.

    1. We have a new-ish priest in our parish who talks about how he went to Catholic Eucharistic “rock” concerts/festivals. Where they had the Host on display and then sang songs, etc. Crazy.

    1. Susan raises a very good point. There is surely a reason why black boxes were chosen, even if the reason is banal, I would like to know. How difficult would it have been to have installed a simple crucifix to pray before?

    2. Now THAT’s a great point. What was in those cheap, ugly, black plastic boxes? Was it Our Lord being disrespected, or something else? If the later, I shudder to think what that something else might have been.

    3. What could be going through the minds of these teenagers? Do they believe in the Real Presence? If so, how do they rationalize the cheap plastic storage boxes? Too much cognitive dissonance. They seem to be praying, but how much of Catholicism do they know or practice? I don’t mean this as a personal attack on them; they are victims of messed up catechesis. I do mean it as a scathing criticism on whoever was supposed to have taught them the Faith.

      No red candles, Christ is not present, so what are they even doing? Not singing Tantum Ergo I hope…?

      Our Lady Destroyer of All Heresies, pray for us.

  6. Imagine a Catholic Faith so demoralized such that you are willing to commit an act so stupid and debasing as to kneel in adoration before a pile of plastic storage boxes.

  7. It also struck me, that one of the reasons that God withholds judgement on the anti-church within Holy Mother Church; the Cockle within the Field of Wheat, is that the process of identifying the deceptive similar poisonous Cockle weeds within the nutritious Wheat field is ongoing. Those willing to bow down before a plastic storage box as if that were God Almighty are identifying themselves by their choices and actions, no less than are those Apostles and Priests who placed them there as worthy of adoration.

    It is clear, from the parable of the Cockle, that God restrains His judgement until “the fullness of time” for His own purposes of which we need not be informed. His ways and thoughts are above ours (Is 55:8-9). The process of division and separation is clearly directed toward a coming judgement and harvest that is not yet.

    1. I cannot accept that a false, evil church could subsist within Holy Mother Church. Sorry, she is Holy Mother Church, the Spotless Bride, because there is no falsity, no “cockle”. Making a very long and convoluted journey from Protestantism to ’58 Sedevacantism, and now a much denigrated “Home Aloner”, it is obvious the physical Church is occupied by Her longstanding, infiltrating Freemason enemies, 1958 was the “end of the age”, Pius XII was the katechon, the Holy Father who suffered much. None of these Modernist popes were fit/eligible to be popes, some very probably not Catholic, Bergoglio definitely not. My understanding is that Lefebvre always accepted Paul VI as pope, so his actions were rebellious, and have the appearance of controlled opposition, to keep Trads within the fakechurch, duped. There are very probably no or almost no valid priests still alive, and none ordained or consecrated by any of the fake Modernist “popes” are valid. The Church is in the catacombs, and is being sifted. We are under chastisement, the sacrifice of the Mass has been removed, as well as Sacraments, trying to maintain them without a valid pope is a form of Protestantism, acting as our own pope. We still have the Magisterium, Scripture, the Saints, many great Popes and fathers of the Church, Our Lady, and so many blessings and graces raining down upon us from Christ, the Holy Ghost, and God the Father. The fakechurch is the Whore of Babylon (Rome), and she rides the Beast of paganism (Satanism). We are told to come out from her, lest we share in her punishments. I loved the Latin Mass and Sacraments, but I love the Papacy more.

        1. The cockle (which look just like the wheat) is a false lookalike church, sown by the enemy. It is not falsehood sown within the true church.

          The whole nonsense that the NO “Church” is both The Church and the antiChurch is false. How would one know if he was participating in the true Church or the false one?

          Personally, I look to the Immaculate Conception and know that Christ cannot exist within the womb of a sinful woman…..neither can He exist in the NO antiChurch. By their fruits shall we know them.

          1. Kono,
            That is your interpretation. It is not the interpretation of the RC Church. True, there is more than one way to interpret this parable, as there is with all parables of Our Lord, but there is a best way – and that is to see the “cockle”, the “tare”, within the wheat field, as the false church deadly imitation of Holy Mother Church.

            If you will carefully read this commentary by St. John Chrysostom, you will see that this is so; and also that it of course makes the most sense because it suggests most fully the deceptive and deadly power of the false wheat. St. Chrysostom also has a surprise twist at the end for why this is so which I’d not considered before. There is more than one way that this parable speaks God’s Truth to us … as seen in this link to St. Chrysostom:


            It is very clear from this that not only *can* the false church coexist within Holy Mother Church, it is prophecied that it *will*. By Our Lord, as confirmed by the Saints.

          2. I said “prophecied”. I should have said “predicted”, because I get the sense from this sermon of St. John Chrysostom that it is to be expected *in* time, not just at *the end of* time. This is not new!

            I extract the theme of this sermon, but recommend you read the whole thing. But here is the gist – the cockle (tares) are indeed the false church amidst Holy Mother Church:

            “… Something like this took place even at the beginning. Many of the prelates, I mean, bringing into the churches wicked men, disguised heresiarchs, gave great facility to the laying that kind of snare. For the devil needs not even to take any trouble, when he hath once planted them among us …”


            “…And He signifies also that the error comes after the truth, which the actual event testifies. For so after the prophets, were the false prophets; and after the apostles, the false apostles; and after Christ, Antichrist For unless the devil see what to imitate, or against whom to plot, he neither attempts, nor knows how …”


            “… And see from another thing also, the malicious craft of the devil. For he did not sow before this, because he had nothing to destroy, but when all had been fulfilled, that he might defeat the diligence of the Husbandman; in such enmity against Him did he constantly act …”

            And (this is where you come in, which is not entirely illegitimate – the parable and sermon specifically speak of those servants who are “anxious for the crop”.

            “… And mark also the affection of the servants. I mean, what haste they are in at once to root up the tares, even though they do it indiscreetly; which shows their anxiety for the crop, and that they are looking to one thing only, not to the punishment of that enemy, but to the preservation of the seed sown. For of course this other is not the urgent consideration …”


            “… Wherefore how they may for the present extirpate the mischief, this is their object. And not even this do they seek absolutely, *for they trust not themselves with it, but await the Master’s decision*, saying, “Wilt Thou?” …” (emphasis mine).

            This last was of interest to me, in line with what Bp Williamson said elsewhere on this blog: tolerance amidst the confusion among faithful good-hearted Catholics. Tough times. Look to Jesus. Do not allow the deadly weeds sown by the devil as a trap discourage us. Christ has control over *HIS* Garden. We wait on His will and remain faithful.

      1. So you’re a home-aloner; you’re almost there. Don’t lose faith in Catholicism when you study what indefectability means.

        Since the idea that Piux XII was the last pope leads to contradictions, it is impossible. Then the traditionalist interpretations of what happened since VII has to be wrong somewhere. The Church before VII was the true Church so what happened? I say masons entered around the same time, making it look like the Church suicided at VII. Maybe you should look up what Fr. Amorth said about the third secret and why John XXIII was scared to publish it. What Anne Catherine Emmerich prophesied about two popes and the one world church. I think it’s coming to conclusion in our times.

  8. They won’t be able to blaspheme God like this anymore even Hid seal presence is gone from their one world masses.

    Incidentally, why would Satanists hold black masses with hosts from the NO if it’s just bread?

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