Video: Dr. Mazza on Fatima, demons, aliens

I HIGHLY recommend this video to you. The talk by Dr. Mazza lasts one hour, followed by nearly an hour of Q&A, which is also highly recommended. Timestamps are below. Be sure not to miss the discussion around 33:40 concerning recent UFO/UAP reports of ultra-sonic travel with no sonic boom nor any heat signature/exhaust/propulsion. Folks, anything physical must obey the laws of physics, which are the same everywhere in the universe. No amount of “intelligence” can overcome these laws. If some “thing” is violating those laws, said “thing” is not physical.

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0:00:00 – Intro

0:00:40 – George recommends Dr. Mazza’s Book “The Third Secret of Fatima & The Synodal Church: VOL. I Pope Benedict’s Resignation”

0:01:30 – George mentions Dr. Mazza’s classes on his website,

0:02:15 – Today (July 13, 2023) is the 106th anniversary of the third apparition of Our Lady of Fatima (when the children saw the vision of Hell).

0:03:00 – Opening prayer

0:03:30 – Dr. Mazza begins. “We’ll begin with Hell so we don’t end up there.” – Fr. Corapi. He talks about vision of Hell and the explanation Our Lady provided: “You have just seen Hell, where the souls of poor sinners go. In order to save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart.” Over the last 106 years, the popes, cardinals, bishops, and priests have failed to heed Her request.

0:05:50 – Dr Mazza: Tonight I will be speaking about aliens, angels, and demons, because it is not merely the anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima warning us about Hell – about demons – but this month is the 50th anniversary of the 1st apparition of Our Lady of Akita to Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa in Japan, and also this month is the 24th anniversary of the death of Fr. Malachi Martin (he died at the end of July 1999).

0:06:50 – Dr. Mazza gives a preview about the topic of Fr. Martin.

0:07:40 – We are in the worst period in church history, and we don’t have the time to wait for this to be fixed on its own. We must consider the messages from Our Lady at Fatima and Akita, which explain the problem and solution.

0:14:30 – On the Third Secret of Fatima. In Sr. Lucia’s final public interview with Fr. Fuentes, she said “the devil is in a mood for engaging Our Lady in a final battle. He knows his time is short, and he wants to drag as many souls to Hell as possible.” Although the third secret has been concealed, we can glimpse the contents through clues. The message is clear: Satan will infiltrate the Church at the highest levels.

0:17:30 – We can see some evidence of this infiltration now, such as in the “Synod on Synodality” coming in October, and those who are involved in it. A “new church” shall be created, guided by a spirit, but not the Holy Spirit.

0:18:10 – It’s important for us to understand where are in the trajectory of history: We’re not at the very beginning, when seeds were sown for infiltration & evil; rather, we’re at the very end, when God is about to bring His Hand down to end this, mercifully. Because the Church was sabotaged, society was also sabotaged. The “New Church” (Synodal Church) is cooperating with the forces of Freemasonry, Marxism, to cooperate completely with the Agenda 2030, United Nations, World Economic Forum, and Davos leadership, who are meeting right now in Sun Valley, Idaho, which is modeled on Davos, Switzerland.

0:19:55 – Dr. Mazza gives some literature references, starting with Dietrich von Hildebrand’s books “The Trojan Horse in the City of God: The Catholic Crisis Explained (Franciscan Herald Press, 1967)” and “The Devastated Vineyard”.

0:20:50 – Dr. Mazza mentions a short book by the Bishop of Regensburg, see:

0:21:30 – Dr. Mazza mentions the book “The War of the Antichrist with the Church and Christian Civilization” (Msgr. George F. Dillon)

0:22:30 – Dr. Mazza recaps the story of Our Lady of La Salette, and the Secrets therein, including “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.

0:24:00 – The secrets of La Sallette, Fatima, and Akita, all come together to confirm the signs that we’re seeing all around us. Because we are in the later stages of the devil’s final battle, we are deep in psychological operations being perpetuated by leaders all over the world, which makes it hard to know what is the truth.

0:24:40 – Dr. Mazza references the book by Fr. Kramer, “The Devil’s Final Battle.”

0:26:10 – Dr. Mazza concludes the introduction and transitions to the first topic, Aliens.

0:27:50 – He starts by quoting a statement from Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett on the UAP/UFO footage.

0:30:30 – Dr. Mazza take on the news about aliens/UFO/UAP’s

0:31:45 – There are cases of UFO’s traveling at velocities >5,000 MPH, with no sonic boom, extreme heat, or debris at crash sites.

0:33:40 – Per astrophysicist Hugh Ross, because these craft don’t obey the laws of physics, they can’t be physical. This rules out the possibility of extraterrestrial life, because they don’t obey the laws of our universe. See also: Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men, Colorado Springs: NavPress, 2002.

0:36:00 – Dr. Ross interviewed many UFO enthusiasts who experienced an alien abduction, in every case those experiences only happened to people who were “deep into the occult,” and when they stop practicing the occult, they lose contact with the “aliens.”

0:38:20 – In every case of these encounters, the experiences are never good. On the other hand, when we consider encounters with angels, although there is an initial shock, the experiences are not bad.

0:40:00 – The mildest interaction the alien victims have, at a minimum, nightmares, and at worst, death. When we consider these encounters, they must be from Lucifer.

0:40:40 – “Messages” are sometimes received from aliens, which is supposed to be a revelation to us humans. 1/3 of these books deny Christ is God. St. John says in the New Testament: “Whoever denies Christ, is the Antichrist.”

0:42:00 – We have been setup to believe that this is all real, to prepare us for “disclosure.” It’s part of a psyop, to prepare us for the new religion.

0:43:20 – Archbishop Vigano said words to the effect of: “I don’t know who Jorge Bergoglio thinks he is the Pope of, but it’s not the Catholic Church. He is the false prophet forerunner of the Antichrist.” See:

0:43:50 – He transitions to the topic of the 60th anniversary of the enthronement of the fallen angel Lucifer in the Vatican, per the Windswept house novel from 1997. There was an article in the Remnant by Fr. Brian Harrison who knew Fr. Martin. See:

0:45:00 – In 1972, Pope Paul VI said “from some fissure, the smoke of Satan has entered into the sanctuary of God.”

0:46:00 – On October 13, 1977, the anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima’s Miracle of the Sun, Pope Paul VI said “the tail of the devil is functioning in the disintegration of the Catholic world.” (Referencing the Book of Revelation, c. XII). He went on to say “the darkness of Satan has entered and spread throughout the Catholic church, even to it’s summit. Apostasy, the loss of faith, is spreading throughout the world and into the highest levels within the church.” This was reported on the following day – Oct. 14, 1977 – in the Milan-based daily Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

0:48:50 – Fr. Gabriel Amorth said to Vanity Fair: “Today Satan rules the world. The masses no longer believe in God. And yes, Satan is in the Vatican.”

0:49:50 – On June 24, 1963, there was a conclave following the death of Pope John XXIII. Cardinal Montini was chosen as pope, to be enthroned on June 29, 1963. On July 1st, 1963, there was a “black mass” (on the Feast of the Most Precious Blood), in the Pauline Chapel of the Vatican. At the same time, in Greenville, SC, another “black mass” was also held. (Per Fr. Harrison’s testimony). It’s no secret that Joseph Bernadine, who was the head of the USCCB, is alleged to have participated in the Greenville black mass. What happened exactly 60 years later? Bergoglio and the Vatican announced that Archbishop Fernandez will be the new head of the Dicastery of the Doctrine of the Faith (thunder lips, who wrote the infamous book almost 30 years ago on kissing, called “heal me with your mouth.”)

0:56:40 – What do we see going on in the world today? The desecration of the purity of children. Human trafficking will soon exceed the value of drug trade. The sexualization of children is occurring everywhere in the world. These are all hallmarks of the devil. This June is also the 40th anniversary of the disappearance of the daughter of a Vatican employee, which became the subject of a Netflix documentary last year. Her disappearance is still unresolved, although the parents claim the Vatican is actively concealing evidence. Dr. Mazza: She might have been the victim of a satanic mass, as her disappearance coincides with the 20th anniversary of the original “enthronement of Satan,” and such activities require the sacrifice of a virgin.

0:59:20 – From 2002-2004, the Pauline chapel at the Vatican was refurbished per order of John Paul II. According to Fr. Harrison & Fr. Martin, the truth of what happened there did come out, due to one of those involved repenting. The chapel may have been reconsecrated secretly during that renovation.

1:00:00 – The only way to overcome the darkness of our present era, is for a genuine Pope to consecrate Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, together with all of the Catholic bishops. We must do penance, prayer, and fasting. We must live as if we’re not going to see tomorrow.

1:03:00 – Our Lord told Sr. Lucia in 1931 that He was upset the consecration hadn’t happened yet (in the 2 years since the request). He said: “Make it known to My ministers that by delaying the execution of My command, they would follow the example of the king of France into misfortune.” (Referring to King Louis XVI’s beheading and loss of power, 100 years to the day after the Sacred Heart of Jesus requested consecration to His Sacred Heart). If we’re following the example of the King of France, per Our Lord’s message, then perhaps there’s something to “Agenda 2030.”

1:05:15 – Dr. Mazza plugs his course, “Mary, Destroyer of Heresy,” starting August 15. St. Louis de Montfort said: In the end times, Jesus would come to us the same way He came to us the 1st time: Through Our Lady. We should consecrate ourselves to Our Lady.

1:07:00 – Question: “Don’t you think the Vatican has been the Seat of the Antichrist for a long time?  After all, Pius IX registered in a Masonic Lodge on Aug 15th 1837.”

1:07:30 – Question: “Didn’t E Michael Jones expose Fr Malachi Martin as an agent for the Jews at Vatican II regarding the promotion of Nostrae Atate?” Dr. Mazza plugs his book, “The Scholastics and the Jews: Coexistence, Conversion, and the Medieval Origins of Tolerance”

1:08:20 – Question: “Isn’t the “apparition” of Our Lady of Akita dubious?  Should we not stick to the absolutely clear history of Fatima?”

1:09:00 – Question: “Does not the 3rd Secret tell us that the Novus Ordo is the Abomination of Desolation and that the reign of Antichrist is nigh.” Dr. Mazza references Fr. Kramer.

1:10:00 – Question: “The Holy Face Devotion is an excellent novena to make reparation for the sins of mankind!!  Apparently very effective against communism. I highly recommend this novena.”

1:11:00 – Question: “What are your thoughts on the idea that there is the real St Lucy the seer and then new St Lucy?”

1:11:40 – Question: “Would the Pope chosen by cardinals named by Bergoglio be valid?”

1:12:20 – Question: “To your knowledge have the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches been left alone by the Vatican’s modernism and if so, do you think they will soon be attacked to change?”

1:13:00 – Question: “What happened to the boomer generation that so many believe in UFO’s?”

1:14:20 – Question: “Didn’t pope Pious XI on Oct 31 1942 consecrate world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary according to Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa”

1:16:20 – Question: “On 13 November 1964, 16 months after “”The Enthronement””, Pope Paul VI breaking with tradition, donated his Papal Tiara to the poor at a ceremony at St. Peter’s Basilica, making him the last pope to wear the ceremonial crown and the first pope to abandon the Papal Tiara. Any thoughts on that?”

1:18:00 – Question: “How can the next choosing of the Pope be valid if many of the current cardinals are heretics themselves?”

1:18:30 – Statement by George: “Regarding Pope Benedict XVI, his understanding of the papacy was in error, and per Dr. Mazza’s book, the matter concerning the the papacy centers on the resignation.”

1:22:00 – Dr. Mazza expands on the the topic of his book, concerning Benedict’s resignation.

1:38:00 – Question: “Can you touch on any references to alien/entity disclosure in revelation (private or biblical)?”

1:47:20 – Question: “What is the significance of Bergoglio rejecting the title “Vicar of Christ?””

1:50:30 – Question: “What are the huge numbers of stars and planets for, if not for life?”

1:54:15 – Question: “St Francis of Assisi made the prophecy of a “”pope not canonically elected”” do you think this refers to Bergoglio? personally I think so, and I think it is God’s way of shining a light on this prophecy since Bergoglio took the name Francis.”

1:57:45 – Question: “Should we not be basing our opinions concerning the Papacy on the root and foundation of Divine revelation and not canon law?”

1:58:50 – Question: “Do you believe we are entering the 6th Age of the Church as explained by the Ven. Father Bartholomew Holzhauser”

1:59:30 – Question: “How can a young man become a Catholic Priest who exclusively does the traditional sacraments of the Catholic Church while still being a truthful man of integrity during his formation (being transparent about his intentions all the way through)?”

2:03:30 – Question: “Was Bugnini a Freemason?” Dr. Mazza references the book “Murder in the 33rd Degree: The Gagnon Investigation into Vatican Freemasonry Kindle Edition by Charles Theodore Murr”

2:05:30 – Question: “Regarding a priest which celebrates the Novus Ordo and the TLM, how do you square that?”

2:05:16 – Question: “Since Bugnini was Freemason, then is it correct to say that the Novus Ordo was conceived with malice aforethought?”

2:08:20 – George gives closing statement, encouraging people to buy copies of Dr. Mazza’s Book “The Third Secret of Fatima & The Synodal Church: VOL. I Pope Benedict’s Resignation,” and giving it to clergy.

2:12:50 – Closing prayer.

18 thoughts on “Video: Dr. Mazza on Fatima, demons, aliens”

  1. Much of UFO sighting (aside from the truly demonic stuff) is likely actually natural phenomena that THE SCIENCE ™ refuses to acknowledge because it undermines theories and cosmological speculations that the religion of Atheism considers dogma, from which if you disagree, excommunicates you from the cult, much lije refusal to take a covid vexxine.

    Like Creationism, and Geocentrism, the cukt if Scientism also especially hate Plasma physics and the Electric Universe, both which have no negative or positive connection to Christianity any more than Meteorology, but are very interesting and worth investigation under a Catholic framework, in that it explains UFO phenomena, phenomena recorded in the accounts of many old pantheistic religions (yes, our pagan ancestors, like our modern secular pilots, have both witnessed strange things in our skies that they sought to understand under their individual prevailing religious paradigms, they weren’t simply backwards, unscientific or crazy), and also perhaps incredible insights into the Old Testament era, and may have been a part of God providentally using laws of the natural world during events such as the Flood, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and especially during the Exodus. Very fascinating things that desperately needs the guidance of Catholicism to separate the Truth from the errors.


    Michael Armstrong: UFO ≈ Plasma Phenomena

    Peter Mungo Jupp: UFO or Plasmoid

    God’s Creation is far more fascinating and incredible and even awe-fully frightening than we think!

  2. Hard as it seems, we are on easy mode, where everyone assumes nobody is watching (except those who believe in God). We are entering hard mode, where acting morally attracts punishment and evil is rewarded. Those who survive without being unjust will prove to God we are not moral hypocrites.

  3. Dr. Ross is wrong. In April 1960, my father took his three older children on a walk in a woodsy area in Cold Spring, New York, because my mother was pregnant and wanted a quiet house to take a nap. They encountered three small gray creatures. The three kids were running around and my father suddenly yelled “Run, hide.” One of the kids, who had run about 30 feet ahead of the others, spun around and saw them. My father was standing but immobilized. No one remember any more than that. None of us EVER had ANYTHING to do with the occult. These things definitely exist and are certainly demons, but this bit about it doesn’t happen unless you’re involved in the occult is just wrong and insulting to some very devout, very intense Catholics.

    1. To be fair, Dr. Ross as quoted by Dr. Mazza said “virtually all”, meaning the overwhelming majority. But yes, as you describe and a few other cases of encounters describe, these things have happened on rare occasions to people uninvolved with the occult.

      HOWEVER –

      And this is also in answer to the question put to Dr. Mazza as to “what happened to the boomer generation to believe in UFOs?,” what people should be aware of is… (drum roll)


      In other words, another false and easily occultic naturalistic religion created by atheism.

      The trend isn’t just in our day with the X-Files. It is as old as H.G. Well’s ‘The War of the Worlds.’ We can even recall a similar hysteria over that when it was broadcast as a play in the form of news broadcasts over the radio that frightened many Americans, predating the manufactured Covid hysteria as far back as the earliest science fiction novels.

      If the Book of Genesis is bunk and life on Earth and all of creation is an accident, then it is possible that intelligent life exists elsewhere.

      This raises other questions – did the sin of Adam and Eve affect innocent alien life elsewhere? Do they need a saviour? Do they need a Pope and Sacraments? Is Christ’s sacrifice only necessary for us not for them? Do other worlds exist? If they do, are there fallen and unfallen ones? Are there many Christ’s? Many Churches? Many Popes?

      This is precisely what one scientist, Michio Kaku, raised in the excellent documentary, ‘The Principle’, by the late Mr. Rick Delano (eternal rest grant to him, O Lord…), and Dr. Robert Sungenis.

      The overwhelming modern worldview is that human life is a series of accidents, and so is the cosmos, and Earth is not special, and even if a ‘God’ is involved, it is certainly not the Catholic one and the existence of the Church makes no sense for the questions raised above.

      This is exactly why the Church executed the insurrectionist heretic Giordano Bruno, and why the Holy Inquisition under the authority of successive Roman Pontiffs defined and declared Galileo’s propositions as formally heretical under the STRONGEST LANGUAGE you will ever read imposed upon the Catholic faithful by the full power of the Holy See GUARANTEED them by Jesus Christ.

      Today, those same Mr. SCIENCE Tyson morons that declare there is magical invisible matter and energy in greater excess of the visible universe (because they conveniently need it to prop up their occultic theories) , or invisible multiverses (But no Heaven or Hell, trust us bro), or torus-animal-balloon curvatured space, and that fish turned into people over bajillions on years, and OH NOoOoOoooOOOoo CO2 EMMISSIONS ARE FREEZING AND BOILING AND KILLING US!!!, are now telling you that transexualism is scientific!

      For all their posturing, Atheism is just another occultic religion. And it is the prevailing one. And Catholics and nigh every other religion on Earth has adopted or been indoctrinated with beliefs from it, sold to them as THE SCIENCE ™.

      1. Johnno,

        I found your comment interesting, specifically:
        “… what happened to the boomer generation to believe in UFOs?,” what people should be aware of is… (drum roll)


        In other words, another false and easily occultic naturalistic religion created by atheism …”

        I didn’t understand how “occult” tied into “evolution”, “naturalistic”, and “atheism”, all in one descriptive sentence – so I looked it up …

        Occultic def: “a category of esoteric supernatural beliefs and practices which generally fall outside the scope of organized religion and science, encompassing phenomena involving otherworldly agency, such as magic and mysticism and their varied spells. It can also refer to supernatural ideas like extra-sensory perception and parapsychology.”

        I’ve always seen Darwinist evolution as less about science, of which there really is none, and more about the atheist religious beliefs, as an explanation of origins, destiny and purpose. The most important question one can ask is: where do we come from, where are we going, why are we here – or – what difference does this life make. The evolution religion answers those questions succinctly and will insist on their correctness with a religious fervor and emotion. As such, it is not science.

        And so, your connection of evolution to the occult was intriguing. And seeing the definition of occult, I can see the truth in this assertion. Occult is not strictly an evil spirit worshipping and conjuring practice, but is rather a method of belief which answers religious-type questions.

        And then, too, I can see how an evolutionist, a naturalist, would gravitate to belief in intelligent life beyond earth – would necessarily so believe since it combines almost infinite time and space and matter and change with random, unguided development and advancement. For their belief to be true, their almost *must* be life beyond earth since life is cosmic and not confined to any one time or place.

        And as you say … if our Catholic religion is true, there almost (almost – for who am I to limit God) must *not* be life beyond earth in the physical created world, since only Man is created in God’s image; is the focus of God’s creation act of Love, and only earth is the locus of God’s created intent from heaven, until time comes to an end and the Eschaton raises one into the other and all is remade.

        1. Aqua, it gets even more interesting.

          Evolutionary theories from a very strict naturalistic discipline get increasingly more difficult to maintain the more one thinks about it and the more we learn about the complexity of reality and humanity and all those immaterial invisible things they know exist such as emotion and rationality and individual personhood that are not quantifiable by instrumentation.

          So much so, that increasingly, atheist thinkers, and science fiction writers find the need for a ‘god.’ Rather, they require God’s power and omnipotence as a source for all things, but don’t want God as a personal figure.

          So they entertain and believe in some kind of immaterial source for all of these things that bequeath the spontaneous rise of matter with ‘spiritual’ qualities. So that even our ‘souls’ or ‘essences’ might be manufactured and accounted for without the need for classical religion. This also includes the possibility that our souls might be ‘immortal substances’ that can be returned like data to this source and then recycled and reincarnated. It all depends on how strictly one adheres to their atheism. Some are fine with ceasing to exist, others are not. Some are fine with brushing aside our obvious spiritual qualities as illusion, others do not, they recognize these things are real, but want them to be a product of a nature yet-to-be-understood, rather than God.

          So they create a false god-like hidden factory, a source for intelligence and souls that infuses it in randomly generated creatures from which human beings eventually emerged, and even attribute to it a source of inspiration and spirituality upon which we feed and evolve. There is even the possibility, naturally, of alien life in the form of pure ‘energy’s, psychic or natural, that are like angelic beings.

          Some modern media is rife with this in books, films and animation, particularly a lot if Eastern stuff, which is why sometimes these ‘scientist’s prefer to look at Eastern religions as a more compatible spirituality that fits in better with their Scientism.

          Most recent example I can think of is the Christopher Nolan film INTERSTELLAR, where our black hold cosmonaut eventually accesses some mystical library, led there by intelligences whose identity is deliberately obscure to the audience who could either believe they are angels or some evolved beings outside of time. There is also the film CONTACT, based on Carl Sagan’s novel which also seeks to bridge atheistic science and religion as being compatible if we accept the existence if God and the afterlife as something other than what classical religion defines. A kind of synthesis that no doubt inspired our Vatican II heretics like Teilhard De Chardin and his own thoughts about things such as the Noosphere, and why the concept of a Big Bang holds so much spiritual significance, little wonder it came from Dr. Georges Lemaitre, and I’ve little doubt Benedict XVI was fascinated by all this too. Such evolution leading to timeless eternal transcendence is also a theme from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

          For examples from the east, there are famous anime films such as AKIRA and the TV franchise NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, that also more heavily marry science fiction with religion, oftentimes borrowing heavy symbolism from Christianity directly to tell stories of mankind evolving into gods, or returning to the godly source from which they came, or simply try to juxtapose the mystery and paradox of biological life and technology with the existence of the human soul as GHOST IN THE SHELL does, the ‘ghost’ being the divine fingerprint of a soul that resides in the ‘shell’ of a flesh natural brain, in the future housed within robotic machinery. And alongside that, could AI also gain sentience and seek to complete their evolution by reproducing, then dying in the hopes of transcendung to Heaven on the other side?

          Increasingly the theme that emerges from cultural storytelling the world over, is not strict atheism, but rather a mix of the atheistic genesis myth synthesized with the stubborn recognition of human beings as spiritual, intelligent, rational souls that must come from somewhere that is not in the natural world.

          One could enjoy such fiction much like one can enjoy reading Greek Mythology or creation accounts of other religions, whilst aware that it is incompatible with the Truths of the Catholic Faith. But we must also recognize, that like the Greek Myths and other religions, they were recorded and written by people who took them seriously. And the creators of science fiction, likewise are attempting to seriously present their ideas about reality and understand the world. So these ideas are entertained seriously.

          There is little doubt that as traditional religion declines, the prevailing one is the evolutionary paradigm, but synthesized with Eastern philosophy, and expressed increasingly through Christian symbology, though those symbols must be emptied out and unshackled from the Catholic Church proper s that they might be usurped by this nouvelle theologie. And therefore Christ will not be the Catholic one, but the figure of the psychologists like Jordan Peterson, the perfect omega man to inspire us, and the ‘salvation’ this Christ promises is something altogether differen, and reaching it may involve all manner of new age mysticism and even drug use experiences.

          Make no mistake. Atheism and the natural sciences is eventually a gateway to the occult.

          1. Johnny said: “Make no mistake. Atheism and the natural sciences is eventually a gateway to the occult.”

            Yes, because I accept the binary choice between the eternal triune God of all creation and the fallen angels with their human followers against Him – God or those in rebellion against Him. God is with you or Satan is with you – in some immediate or tangential; obvious or subtle way. There is no other choice.

            All other religions lack one key element that is core to the Christian religion: God is with us God became one of us … God became incarnate of the Virgin Mary and became man, dwelt among us, died, rose again, dwells with us intimately in Holy Communion.

            The desire to know and return to God, our Creator, is hardwired into our soul – every soul without exception – even in those who have declared war on their soul with a mind and its will that chooses to reject the object of its soul’s desire. If we will not, can not or do not find a way to return, then we find other ways to fill that big, black gaping hole in our soul made for the infinite light and love of God … which leads to all the pale religious imitations of Christianity that all lead to logical, spiritual dead-ends

            And, Satan with his fallen angels being who he is, will exploit that empty void of the soul, passionately needing fulfillment, and fill it himself through demonic influence, since possession leaves less culpability of personal guilt.

            The common theme throughout history is the attempt to explain through religion the big three: where do I come from, where am I going, why am I here?

            Evolution is merely evidence modern man’s return to his disobedient ignorant pagan heritage that wills to personal selfish power that which belongs to God and declares God dead, spirit a nullify and only the physical, primarily self and self-interest the only real thing.

            Evolution answers the big three questions this: I come from nothing; I return to nothing; everything is meaningless, nothing matters – “so do whatever you please”.

            I definitely accept the possibility that there will be more spiritual manifestations of the dark angels in these fallen times.

          2. Sorry Johnno, my “quick-fill” changed your name to Johnny when I wasn’t looking. No disrespect intended. I’d turn the thing off, but without it my typing output would be utter gibberish. And I’m typically to lazy to proof it.

      2. It’s funny how easily they can contradict their own science and still believe in the science. If the distances to other planetary star systems are light years away, and it takes infinite energy to reach the speed of light, then these are not extraterrestrial, but probably inter dimensional, aka spirits.

    2. And sometimes they’re angels. Years ago an anonymous French doctor had his leg wound healed by something that looked like a luminous sphere shaped craft. One night he saw a light outside his window in the French countryside and getting up to investigate this sphere of light shot a beam of light upon him through his bedroom window and he was healed.

      There are quite a few cases of healings effected by aerial beings.

    3. And I should have mentioned the three kids were ages 7, 6, and 5 — so likely age of reason for the 7 year old, maybe for the 6 year old, probably not for the 5 year old, but almost certainly none were in mortal sin. Because this happened in my family, I did a lot of research on this (NEVER got involved in the occult) and there actually is quite an extensive literature on it. One thing I would point out, though, is that some of the literature — mostly by John Mack, a Harvard professor, describes “experiencers” who exude enormous pride — essentially believe that they are mediators between the alien “gods” and human beings. It worked in Eden. Budd Hopkins, before he died, told people to “call on Saint Michael” in this sort of thing.

      1. Deborah Sagar,
        This is an honest well intentioned question, because I’m really trying to understand. I’m reading things here that I give credibility to, given the source, but is beyond my personal experience and frame of reference …

        I’m 1960 when this happened, what was the overall “ethos” of your family, specifically your Dad. Were you raised Catholic? Were you all practicing Catholics? Prior to VII, so the RC Faith was consistent – was this religion an essential part of your family; your Dad’s personal life? Or – was your family raised in a different non-Catholic way?

        I really appreciate if you could answer that personal question. Since Johnno wrote what he wrote above, the I’ve been kind of thinking differently about this. Thx.

  4. Hey, I have a question about that Paul VI coronation and the Vatican’s enthronement of Lucifer.

    Was Montini coronated June 29th or June 30th? I found a couple of sources that show it was June 30th. If true, that’s significant because then the coronation would have been the DAY BEFORE the evil Luciferian enthronement in the Vatican on July 1 (perhaps mere hours apart). My understanding is the wicked enthronement would have been at midnight on July 1.

    Also, in the old calendar, June 30th is the Commemoration of St. Paul. So, this would have been an enthronement of a pope (taking the name Paul), on the Commemoration of St. Paul, one day before Lucifer was enthroned in the Pauline Chapel. That’s a lot of Paul.

    Also, Paul VI was the last “enthronement” of any pope, as all subsequent popes underwent a mere “inauguration.”

    Does anybody know more about this?

    1. Interesting question. Of course it goes without saying, if Montini was a true pope. that he became pope the moment he accepted his election, not at the Coronation.

    2. I believe Paul VI acceptance date was June 21?

      And… FAR from expert on this… but I did get an IMPRESSION from some discussion or other of Malachi Martin’s, that the evil enthronement was a very early-60s thing? like maybe 1960 or 62??

  5. I leave open the possibility of man-made technologies (perhaps introduced to men via demonic intelligence) that merely seem to defy the laws of physics, because of our lack of understanding of said laws. High voltage plasma, for instance, could explain many of these apparent UFO sightings. I’ve never seen a UFO, and I never want to, but I do know a person that was buzzed by a flying saucer when he was a child. I assume that it was just an Air Force pilot having some fun in an experimental aircraft.

  6. I’m just gonna lay out my best guess.

    1. Some aliens are a real thing.

    2. Government’s recent releases on the topic, are NOT at all real. No actual evidence, just hearsay & hype. Biden Regime needs to distract people from its crimes.

    3. Any REAL intelligent aliens MUST have, at some point in their history, been granted an Incarnation of Jesus Christ as their (& our) Lord & Savior on behalf of the One Living God.

    4. Therefore, Biden Regime / NWO / WEF pedos can never afford to tell us the real stuff. More people might go Christian.

  7. FYI – for those who do podcasts on high speed – AFTER video starts, mouse button 2 on the video shows me the Speed increase menu.

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