Girl who detransitioned tells her story to try to warn other children, gets age-restricted censored on YouTube

Daily Signal has the story:

“Prisha Mosley spoke to the Independent Women’s Forum’s Kelsey Bolar, also a contributor to The Daily Signal, in December 2022 about the traumatic events that led her to take testosterone injections and undergo a double mastectomy, then to ultimately detransition back to living as a woman. Since then, Mosley has filed a lawsuit accusing the doctors and medical professionals who transitioned her of medical malpractice and of using “unfair and deceptive trade practices,” causing her years of both psychological and physical pain.”

I implore you to watch her short video.

The video won’t play here, you will need to click through to watch it. Why? Because we live in a society where it is okay to sexually mutilate children, and glorify it on YouTube for all to see, but a detrans girl is censored for “sensitive content.”

Be warned, she is very likable, and her story will break your heart.

6 thoughts on “Girl who detransitioned tells her story to try to warn other children, gets age-restricted censored on YouTube”

  1. I’ve seen enough of these testimonies to know how terrible it is. Heartrending. I can’t do it any more.

    It is unimaginable, that we as a society collectively, but especially parents individually, not just allow but encourage mutilation of body and soul (they go together inextricably in this life) in these poor young kids who just don’t know the enormity of what they are doing.

    But adults know. Especially Catholic adults know. And most especially at the top of the culpability ladder are the Apostles, the Priests, the Pope. And they will answer one day in the eternal judgement for these crimes, beyond even that of the children themselves who aren’t in full capacity of reason and culpability, for failing to defend the children from our dangerous enemy.

    The Devil hates God’s creation. He especially hates human beings, the apex of the created order. And whatever he hates, he steals for his own purposes, then twists, inverts, mutilates.

  2. “There are lots of mental illnesses that make you hate your body, but the solution isn’t to destroy your body, it’s to fix your brain.” 💔

    Absolutely devastating.

  3. My heart truly aches for these people. Good thing we’re *probably* near the end, that they may not have to live to old age.

  4. Megan Kelly pretty much nails it, in this tweet, against all the effeminate freaks playing dress-up let’s-pretend, trying to re-make the female sex into their own degenerate image …

    I’m not pointing fingers so much at the children, who have been immersed in this filth since birth – even the Catholic Church supporting the logic of degeneracy. I am pointing the finger at those adults purveying this spiritual sickness and spreading if it were a religion.

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