1P5 editor Tim Flanders takes up the topic of Pope Benedict as Katechon

Keep praying, folks. Things are accelerating. Do what you can do in your sphere of influence. God expects you to act.

It’s really a shame that Flanders fails to mention Dr. Mazza in this piece, since he has interviewed Doc several times on his Meaning of Catholic show, talking about this exact topic, which is the subject of the entire first chapter of Dr. Mazza’s book.

Was Pope Benedict the Katechon for the Antichrist?

Meanwhile Peter Seewald, biographer of Pope Benedict had this to say to kath.net as posted on Rorate:

Seewald: [T]he latest developments point to a real breach of the dam. And in view of the dramatic decline of Christianity in Europe, this could turn into a flood that destroys what has still held out.

kath.net: A strong word.

Seewald: The latest news from the Vatican reminded me of an essay by Georgio Agamben that has become famous. In his text on the “Mystery of Evil,” the most discussed philosopher of our time brings Benedict XVI into play. As a young theologian, Ratzinger once distinguished between a church of the wicked and a church of the righteous in an interpretation of Augustine. From the beginning, he said, the Church has been inextricably mixed. It is both the Church of Christ and the Church of the Antichrist. However, according to Agamben, there is also the idea of the katechon…

kath.net: I beg your pardon?

Seewald: With regard to the 2nd letter of the apostle Paul to the Thessalonians, this means the principle of stopping. A term that is also interpreted as “hindrance”, for something or for someone who stops the end of time. Benedict XVI had been something of a “restrainer,” Agamben said. Against this background, his demission inevitably evoked a separation of the “beautiful” from the “black” Church, that span in which the wheat is separated from the chaff. A steep thesis. But the pope emeritus apparently saw it similarly. He had to stay on, he answered my question as to why he could not die. As a memorial to the authentic message of Jesus, as a light on the mountain. “In the end, Christ will be victorious,” he added [emphasis added].

So according to Seewald, Pope Benedict as Emeritus saw himself as some sort of katechon holding some flood of evil back, which is implying the Antichrist by the very use of the term.

What does all this mean? Fear not, brethren. Let’s not forget how the story ends: the katechon is removed, paving the way for the Antichrist. But this wicked one is he whom the Lord Jesus shall kill with the spirit of his mouth; and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming (II Thess. ii. 8). Satan’s reign is revealed in the Antichrist in order that all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity (v. 11). Yet the Lord Jesus Himself comes in the end to destroy Him.

This is the glorious story of the End Times, which God has only revealed to us in order to give us hope in times like ours…

Go read the rest: https://onepeterfive.com/pope-benedict-katechon-antichrist/

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  1. I refuse to believe a guy who partially quit and who let Francis consecrate a demon in the Vatican, which has led to the last 3 years of hell on earth, was the katechon.

    What I believe is that something left the world in 2019. God left the world. You could feel it. THere’s no backstop. Whoever the katechon was, it wasn’t Benedict XVI. It wasn’t Trump, either, though he was in a powerful position to stop a lot of the madness we’ve seen since he decided to follow the Great Reset script.

    Nothing makes sense anymore. Everything is crazy and evil.

    1. God left the world? If that be the case, then He isn’t in the Novus 🌍 Ordo either.

      No jmy1975, Christ promised us He’d be with us until the consumation of the world. He also asks if upon His Return He’d find any faith. The Church will become very small then…..like sede small😉 as opposed to NO large.

      1. Rather, he handed the world over to its wickedness. Be pedantic if you want.

        Sedes aren’t Catholic. So when Jesus comes you might have some explaining to do.

    1. Cynthia – that’s a disturbing web page. It announced the advent of Antichrist – Lord Of The World – according to Msgr Benson’s 1907 book that describes essentially the same personality.

      From the web page, this description jumped out at me in reference to Jesus Christ …

      – quote –

      “Note that the consequences above (lengthy descriptions of Indifferentist obedience to Antichrist) are the natural result of the Christ’s presence in the world. They are a result of the energy of Love that emanates from Him – not actually caused by some specific act of will or power on His part.”

      – end quote –

      That’s the Redemption of Mankind from our sins, the promised Messiah of Genesis’ Divine direct prophecy – Crucified, Risen, Reigning … that he is referring to in this passage excerpt.

      I’m not surprised Antichrist favors compulsory gene-altering serum injections. Nor am I surprised if Antichrist fools the vast majority of fools with hardened, grace-less black hearts.

      1. I learned about this poser when I was converting. So when Francis started decoupling the Church from its divine mission to basically welcome the teachings of this scoundrel I got very suspicious. It wasn’t until 2020 I realized Francis may likely be the false prophet.

        Do not be distracted by his fake miracles, either through science or demons. He will also deceive people who think the guy in Rome is a living saint who loves people.

        1. John XXIII began the process of ignoring the Divine Commission when he said he wouldn’t condemn error, and thought religious freedom was a “right”. At that point, the slow spiral towards outright apostasy began.

          It didn’t help when he tossed the schema that he wanted made for the council, so the modernists could make their own.

          1. John XXIII didn’t toss the schema, he approved it. It was later tossed by a majority vote of the Modernist bishops during the first session.

      2. Aqua, I recognize the illegitimacy of the beliefs and the evil proposed by the website, we know that the true messiah came 2023 years ago. Unfortunately others are more easily swayed,as evidenced in lo these past three years.

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