On covid crimes against humanity and “Ordinary People”

I’m guessing you have several people in your life who need to read this. -nvp
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Many people want to “Move On” from Covid, and I get it – I do too.
The thing is, We can’t. There’s no going back. We learned some things about Ordinary People, and we must discuss it.
Some people were scared, and some people were not. Those who were scared were willing to do to terrible things to those who were not.
Ordinary people called for the health insurance of other ordinary people to be canceled.
Ordinary people silenced some of the most highly trained and qualified physicians in the world, and other ordinary people championed the censorship.
Ordinary people were glad other ordinary people could not eat inside with them.
Ordinary people eagerly explained to other ordinary people that their child would not be receiving a life saving transplant due to their vaccination status.
Ordinary people cheered as Doctors, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Radiologists, and many other Healthcare Workers were fired, when they were called hero’s months before.
Ordinary people cheered as blue color state employees were fired, when they were called “Essential” months before.
Ordinary people were angry when The Supreme Court stepped in and saved the jobs of many unvaccinated workers in the private sector.
Ordinary people shunned family members, and un-friended life long friends.
Ordinary people were un-invited from trips and kicked out of groups, clubs, and communities.
Ordinary people kept ordinary student athletes from competing due to vaccination status.
Probably the worst of all, ordinary people were coerced into injecting themselves with an unknown substance, that they didn’t want, all under false pretenses, many of which had terrible or deadly reactions.
The list goes on an on, and so do the crimes against humanity.
Ordinary people became monsters, all because of fear.
Are you ordinary?
Do you live in fear?
Did you become a monster? 

9 thoughts on “On covid crimes against humanity and “Ordinary People””

  1. I agree. We can’t move on … pending an accounting in justice. Because this is not over.

    We just experienced the Fascist compulsion appetizer – a warm up for the social palate. Next comes the main course. They are coming back for more, now that they’ve tested their their menu of fascist solutions on their customers.

    Fascism is a religion of government, they have nothing else to fill the big black gaping hone in their heart that belongs to God, so disagreement with the fascist State and its godless aims is therefor a secular sin, punishable by the State most severely (unrestrained by the Divine Law).

    We can stop them now, or we can stop them later – now is easier. But fascists never stop until compelled to stop in their religious conquests which remind me of jihad. Very few want what’s on their fascist menu of fecal treats, so they depend on compulsion to force people to participate and also to like it.

    1. I am a bit fuzzy on the whole “Fascism” thing. Seems to me, fascism is in a sense “content neutral” much like democracy, and it is what fills the fascism that causes trouble. A fascist state (going with the definition of unification of the state and private sectors for the benefit of the nation) can have bad goals – e.g, what we have now with our fascist wokism, or not so bad goals as Spain had with Franco with the restoration of Catholic Spain. I think this is a bit implied in your comment of “the fascist state with its Godless aims.” What if its aims are not Godless? Does a fascist system by necessity have to be Godless, any more than a democratic system by necessity is always Godfull? As Amerikans, I know we are conditioned to automatically recoil at the term fascism (although we live in a fascist state in everything but name).

      1. c matt – we are a Constitutional Republic. The laws governing our Institutions of rule are established by our Constitutional framework and long legal and political precedent.

        Fascism, by definition, is illegitimate, immoral and illegal in America.

        I don’t propose to judge any other form of government that exist anywhere in the world. I judge my own government. It is established under a Constitution, and its principles are established primarily by the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers.

        Fascism is one thing in 1930’s Spain – I don’t judge it, nor do I know enough to comment on it.

        Fascism in America (government/police/corporate alliance) is the product of a violent ongoing coup and is evil to its core. It is the theft and overthrow of a Constitutional system by thieves, bandits, pirates whose sole aim is oppression.

        You are talking theory. They are stealing everything – a clear and present danger.

        How is it, that my company was able to compel me to either inject their mRNA serum or quit my career at significant cost to me and mine – that’s a personal decision, no? If I’d stayed, I’d be compelled to agree to DEI morality. Why do I have to comply with their godless humanist religion as a condition of my employment, as opposed to my skills and judgement?

        Fascism. We didn’t agree to it. A small minority of evildoers imposed it – fascism is the easiest, most effective method to impose on the unwilling.

  2. I would hope people realized that they are manipulated by fear or danger but I don’t think they are ready for round 2.

    For example, if they have to get chipped to avoid starvation will they realize that the starvation is the incentive to get chipped?

  3. Saw comments by preppers on utube warning others to pretend to need food so others wouldn’t think they had some stored away.

    1. Oh yes. The first rule about prepping is tell no one you’re prepping. The same people that disowned you for not wearing a mask and getting 4 jabs will be the first to break down doors for food and come for you.

  4. The bureaucratic dishonesty alone proves deliberately malicious intent. We need to stop pretending otherwise.

    CDC Changed Definition Of Breakthrough COVID-19 After Emails About ‘Vaccine Failure’

    ‘Serious Doubt’ About COVID-19 Vaccine Safety After Forced Release Of 15,000 Pages Of Clinical Trial Data

    Tony Fauci Denied Under Oath that the US funded the Wuhan Lab in China. If this is so, how did the Biden regime suspend US federal funding for the Wuhan Lab? How can funding be suspended if it is not funded?

  5. Are you ordinary? Yes
    Do you live in fear? No
    Did you become a monster? Well, to those pushing the Vax, I might have been. In retrospect, mocking their stupidity was probably not the best or most charitable move on my part, but I could not resist. I wasn’t really nasty about it, but I simply pointed out the facts (survival rate, questionable testing of the vax, its experimental nature, the paranoid panic against anyone who thought otherwise, and the biggie “If it’s safe and effective, why insist on immunity from liability?”) followed by a sarcastic “but you follow the science, right?”. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

  6. So, here we see even further evidence for the Doctrine of the Fewness of the Saved? How? Because look at how many “ordinary” people won’t bat an eye at committing a myriad of grave sins, with full wherewithal, and indefinite unrepentance. These are the reasons (among others) that the ordinary, eternal disposition for ordinary folks is . . . hell.

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