AB. Viganò’s words come on the heels of many liberal Catholics calling traditional Catholics “schismatics.” Let us remember that St. Thomas Aquinas teaches in his Summa II-II Q. 39 Art 1 Reply Obj 3 that “whoever is a heretic is also a schismaticbut not conversely.”  Of course, St. Thomas teaches schism is a major sin against charity. But St. Thomas would also clearly assert that if ever a time in Church history were to arrive when a man in an apparent-role of Catholic authority were to be an obstinate and manifest heretic, that man (not his orthodox enemies) would be the one who is truly the heretic and the schismatic.

Clearly, the easy rebuttal to the assertion in the above paragraph goes like this:  But who is to determine who is a heretic in the higher levels of the hierarchy?  The counter-argument is just as simple, for St. Robert Bellarmine writes:  For men are not bound or able to read hearts, but when they see that someone is a heretic by his external works, they judge him to be a heretic, pure and simple, and condemn him as a heretic.—De Romano Pontifice, Book II, Chapter 30.

Archbishop “Kissy Fernandez” (as many on Catholic Twitter refer to him) said his buddy is aiming at a “reform that is irreversible.”  I actually believe him.  But let’s remember: Christ will not let His own Church be mutated.  In other words, the bad-guys in Rome are now deforming something that is not Christ’s Church.  Archbishop Viganò calls this new ecclesiastical-apparatus a “parallel Church” here.

Also remember this:  To separate yourself from the Holy Spirit is to separate yourself from the Catholic Faith, not to separate yourself from an apparent-authority member who gained office by a jacked Conclave. Again, St. Thomas Aquinas teaches heretics are both heretics and schismatics.  Thus, God is faithful to his promise that a traditional Catholic (even in 2023) can not be a schismatic simply by maintaining the ancient faith and being vocal (or digital) about it. To assert otherwise would be to belong to a giant cult that now fronts as “Catholic…” but is anything but.

The heresy from Rome is now so obvious that I am convinced God is letting them unveil their own level of evil for all to see.  Although I don’t believe the “conservative” Cardinals in real life in the above tree are particularly courageous, the political cartoon reveals something very true about Catholic ecclesiology: The heretics who think they are isolating true Catholics are only cutting off their own connection to the Truth, who is Jesus Christ.  Indeed, the “changes” of Vatican II have reached their zenith where the modernists acting as parasites upon the body of Christ have reached a level of drunkenness on power.

But they don’t know their parallel-Church is about to collapse.

Remember the soul of the everlasting Church is the Holy Spirit according to Pope Pius XII in Mystici Corporis Christi.  And the spouse of the Holy Spirit is the Immaculate Virgin Mary.  The Mother of God is the destroyer of all heresies.  Our Blessed Mother predicted both an “era of peace” at Fatima and the “full restoration of the Church” at Ecuador in Good Success.   I suspect that Jesus Christ returns in glory soon. But if He doesn’t return soon, I hope that we get that truly traditional Pope who starts off the “full restoration of the Catholic Church.”

Yes, I know this would be a miracle.  But Our Lady of Good Success predicted that after the 20th century, God would be “sending to this Church the Prelate who will restore the spirit of her priests.”  (Keep in mind also that God has only used Cardinals to choose Popes for the last 1700 years.  That’s a long time, but it’s proof that Almighty God is not bound to the Cardinalate to elect Popes.)

Yes, I’m hoping for a truly traditional Pope, even if the majority of normy Catholics (both clergy and lay) reject him as “disobedient” to all the Popes of Vatican II.  No, I am not I am not hoping for a “Pope Michael of Kansas” at the local level.  I’m talking about some global-event that ends this 65-year old eclipse covering over the visibility of the Church.  Whether Jesus returns soon or not, I pray for not only the glory of the Church to return in her human aspect (for she never lost it in the divine aspect) but even that her visibility might become the glory of a shining supernova after that dark storm of modernism had nearly extinguished the true perennial faith.

Until either of those happen (the Judgment or the Triumph)  just hold fast to the True Faith once handed over by Jesus Christ Himself to the Apostles.  This is the same Faith handed on from the Apostles to the Fathers, and the Fathers to the saints of the Church of all-time.