Dr. McCullough: “The Vaccines Have Backfired” – More Shots = More Infections

FYI, I reviewed the Cleveland Clinic data. The good doctor is making an accurate statement here. Unvaxxed were better protected. This testimony is before the PA state legislature.

4 thoughts on “Dr. McCullough: “The Vaccines Have Backfired” – More Shots = More Infections”

  1. This is misinformation that undermines public trust! The shots are doing what they are intended to do. We shouldn’t doubt that the governments can mass murder their own people if they tried to. We can trust the government not to be that incompetent.

  2. Here’s the MAJOR story going on to expose what utter cowardly cretins the vexxine hawkers are! Utterly pathetic! Here’s everything you need to know about how THE SCIENCE ™ works!

    ‘Double-Talking’ Vaccine Scientist Refuses To Debate RFK Jr. Despite $1.5 Million Charity Pot

    Vax-Pushing Debate Dodger Linked To ‘Chimeric’ Coronavirus Creation In Wuhan

    Spread this ongoing story far and wide. This is why they are desperate to censor speech! The sex perverts are just a front.

  3. The science & data support these conclusions.

    1. The vaxx don’t stop covid as originally advertised.

    2. Younger & healthier people have no medical reason to vaxx, since their odds of vaxx harm is higher than their chance of covid harm. Pushing vaxx onto everyone, general population, was medically wrong.

    3. Pushing vaxx onto general population has fueled the new covid variants – made them evolve faster.

    I say these things to anyone who will listen. Among normies, I am called a conspiracy clown – for being too extreme in questioning the vaxx. But here among this crowd, I am called a conspiracy clown – for not being nearly breathless & extreme enough.

    Nonetheless, the science & data simply won’t support anything *more* than the above points.

    Example: So what if vaxxed people get covid? It’s mathematically inevitable, once you have vaxxed most of a population (and the vaxx don’t work as advertised). No it does not prove the vaxx make things worse. The vaxx *could* make things worse. I often tell people how they could. But the work to prove it, has still not been done.

    Another example: McCullogh claiming the number of shots *increases* your covid risk. Could be. I don’t rule it out. But it could also be that the most vulnerable people are the people getting shots to begin with, from their fear – and nothing more.

    Cleveland study shows a CORRELATION between number of shots & chance of getting covid. But the causality of it, could go either way. You can’t leap to the conclusion that the shots cause covid – nor leap to the opposite causality, that a person’s covid vulnerability causes them to get more shots – because the causality work, either way, simply has not been done. All you can prove is that the vaxx don’t exactly stop covid.

    In that sense, Dr. McCullogh exaggerates. Be warned. Precision and clarity are important.

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