4 thoughts on “Maricopa County is Proudly Pridefully grooming your children”

  1. The rainbow is God’s promise to never destroy the earth due to man’s wickedness again until the end of time.

    The “heart” symbol, representing the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Divine Economy, repurposed in these wicked days.

    Pride, representing that primal sin of Lucifer, the primal temptation and fall of our first parents (after loss of faith as you previously explained).

    Two symbols of God’s love, repurposed for God’s enemy’s wickedness through the inversion of the virtue of humility into its opposite, pride …

    5 Blessed are the humble,
    for they will inherit the earth.

    And I would propose this:

    Cursed are the prideful who desire to possess the earth, for they shall not.

  2. There’s a national group called the American Library Association that’s behind this evil. A friend in Front Royal Virginia alerted me this morning about what’s going on there and who’s driving it. Front Royal is where Christendom College is located so not surprisingly, a group of local concerned citizens are banding together to confront the local library.

  3. UPDATE: The president of the American Library Association, by her own public admission… “After her election as ALA president in June 2022, (Emily) Drabinski described herself, in a tweet she later deleted, as a “Marxist lesbian” who believes in “collective power” and said that her mom was proud of her.” Here’s the Wiki page about her: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emily_Drabinski

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