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    1. They aren’t really Catholic schools in Canada. They are run by the government. My kids attended in the 90s.

  1. Men: turn off the porn; love your wife; love your children; be actively involved in their lives; show your boys and girls how great the manly talents, interests and virtues are; elevate the masculine into its proper pride of place in the home; take back from the pervert culture everything they’ve taken from you; impose on the pervert culture all that is good; and finally … educate your own children – they do not belong to the “village”, they are entrusted to you and you are responsible to God for them; be a man, as St Joseph was a man.

    Pervert Public Schools are the fruit of a diseased social tree – sending a child there (these days) is child abuse, almost without exception. All of the premises that have led us to drop our kids off for others to do our duty are are not just wrong, they always have been that I now know, but knowing what we know now …. it is damnably wrong.

  2. Correction-St Matthew’s WAS Catholic in 1970s,later absorbed into public school district. The school is being forced to remove the white cross from the side of the building https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/school-cross-to-be-removed-after-parent-complaint-1.1321152
    Also of interest, on their website,there is a “gender” addendum to PowerSchool, which in an online platform, so students will be properly coded according to gender; male, female,non-binary and other.

  3. It is literally a battle for their soul. Homeschool all the way. It’s the only way in many cases as even the “Catholic” schools don’t teach the truth.
    So many resources and solid Catholic curriculum too. Their education and their faith will be well formed.

    I know of far too many “Catholic” families who sent their kids to public school and have terrible relationships with their adult children. At the very least they argue about moral issues.

    As a mother I’m home teaching them things anyway. Why endanger their souls for a “break”?

    1. Absolutely agree! I was never blessed with my own children, so I could not homeschool. A few years ago I retired from teaching in public schools. I say that with some shame, but when I started in public schools it was not like this – back in the late 1980s. Since retiring, I now help with my parish home school co-op since I can teach secondary math, science, and Latin, and they have a need.

      Homeschooling produces morally centered decent children. I have seen it first hand. And families are closer and happier when they make that choice.

    2. I am from Newfoundland – one of the epicenters of the abuse crisis in the Church. In 1991, I read Suffer Little Children by Derek O’Brien who survived years of horrific sexual abuse at the hands of the Irish Christian Brothers while living at the Mount Cashell orphanage in St. John’s. O’Brien basically described being trapped in a nest of homosexuals who were going at it with each other while molesting dozens of adolescent boys. I can’t find the words to convey what I feel looking at this. All the Catholic schools in the various provinces that have them teach a watered down form of Protestantism that acts like a vaccine against true faith. The souls of all bishops responsible for those children are in grave danger of being lost. I suppose there is still hope, but they need to do a 180 degree turn right now.

  4. That’s horrible. The part where they pass through the rainbow-flag threshold reminds you of St. John Bosco’s visions of children strolling into hell. Let’s hope these young ones aren’t absorbed by this evil.

  5. “Catholic” Schools in Canada actively undermine and destroy faith in Christianity as part of the official cirriculum. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO ANY SCHOOL. Period. It’s over. You’ve lost. Don’t console yourselves just because one of them didn’t run the LGBT banner up the flagpole this year after a marginal 6 to 7 vote.

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