“The clock is ticking, and the infernal powers of the world are hastening their pace. They appear to have a timetable of some kind…”

How well do you know St. Joseph? You need him in your life, badly, and you are about to need him a lot more. He will be very, very good to you, I promise. -nvp


We’ll Flee, We’ll Hide, We’ll Turn to St. Joseph

Guest post by Laramie Hirsch

If you’ve been reading about Catholic prophecy over recent years, perhaps you’ve heard it said that in the difficult, purifying, perilous times to come, St. Joseph, the Holy Spouse of Our Lady and foster father to Jesus Christ, will figure largely into the devotional lives of Catholics. Devotion to this particular man, it is said, will become widely known among Catholics as the world turns worse.

But why will this happen? Surely, praying to St. Joseph is efficacious for men. He’s definitely a saint for blue collar workers. And, heck, many people who don’t know any better will often practice the superstition of burying a St. Joseph statue upside down in their yard if they’re trying to sell their house–a superstitious practice I do not recommend; it even sounds somewhat satanic.

Yet, if one considers the times that we are living in, the precise reason we will turn to St. Joseph becomes clear. Powers usurping the Church and the state are at war with the family. The princes and principalities are doing their damnedest to divide men and women, stop births, and transform any remaining unaborted children into eunuchs, prostitutes, and catamites. The time rapidly approaches in which any remaining sane, faithful people will be a complete and utter minority surrounded by an empire of demonically-led, programmable zombies. The final holdouts in this centuries-long cultural war will be held up in the last bastion of defense, the family unit.

With our backs against the wall, protecting the family is of paramount importance. Consider those who seek to destroy it: the satanic media, the satanic schools, satanically-inspired peers and fair-weather friends who are eager to put peer pressure on our children–not to mention close and extended family members who do not understand a Christian family’s pursuit of Heaven’s mandates. There is the failing economy and the threat of starvation. There is the threat of war from outside countries. There is the threat from our own religious institution—a Church filled with freemasonic infiltrators, men whose aim is to acquire material wealth, comfort, and temporal power, and who seek to destroy whatever legitimate believers are left. And then, there is the threat from our own Caesars, as I’ve recently mentioned this month.

Painful Truth

In these past few decades, we’ve seen a rise in people who proclaim, “We will stand! We will fight!” We’ve seen a lot of preppers and homegrown attempts at self sufficiency. People across the land have dug in their heels and said, “I’m not moving!” So many of us have an idyllic scenario in our imaginations that we can merely buy property “off the grid,” raise our own livestock, grow our own food, and power our self-built homes with solar panels. But this is an illusion. People who think they can move out into the country think they will be able to remain there unmolested. Left alone. Free agents to do whatever they want. And perhaps it truly will be this way…for a little while longer.

However, the clock is ticking, and the infernal powers of the world are hastening their pace. They appear to have a timetable of some kind. Perhaps they have their own satanic form of electional astrology to plan out their insidious global schedule. Who knows? Whatever the case, it is clear that the servants of the globalist power are in a hurry to remove threats. For, as Revelation 13:4 asks: “Who is like to the Beast, and who shall be able to fight with him?”

The truth is that, here in the United States, anyway, there is no fighting this. The evils we are subject to right now ooze here and there like a protoplasm that won’t wash away. The culture is always taking two steps forward and one step back. Perhaps this can be said of all Western countries. It is foolish to think there will be any kind of a righteous uprising of any kind. It is foolish to consider that there will be any kind of a holy, citizen-driven reckoning whatsoever. The people are ruined, and they are weak. The faithful among America’s population are few, and truly they are sheep amidst dangerous wolves right now. This is the sad truth, and a reality that I am sure many refuse to admit. But it is the truth. We are seen as sheep.And as Calvera scoffed in The Magnificent Seven, “If God didn’t want them sheared, He wouldn’t have made them sheep.”

Indeed, the painful truth of it is that we were not promised a holy uprising. We were not promised a God-mandated rebellion. Jesus Christ did not say that we would start and conquer a future holy war. No. We were told that there would be persecution and death. We would be oppressed. We would be on the run.

and, in fact, the Scriptures themselves are filled with examples of God’s people hiding and going on the run. From Noah fleeing the avoidable catastrophe of the ancient world, to the Hebrews fleeing Egypt, we have example after example of holy figures on the run. And apocalyptic literature even tells us to go on the run in these times we live – to flee Babylon, when the time comes:

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.

Revelation 18:4

Every red-blooded American man who’s been in the military, or had a father, grandfather, or some ancestor fight in service to this country abhors this notion. Patton said that the very thought of losing is hateful to Americans. And perhaps this is true, and perhaps this is a part of our national hubris. But America is soon to be laid low economically, culturally, and even militarily.

Enter St. Joseph

In the hard times ahead, when that painful moment comes for husbands and fathers to realize they are powerless against an unleashed leviathan, they are going to find themselves mentally unprepared for the harsh reality sweeping over their lives. They will have enormous difficulty coping with the actions they will have to take. Can you imagine dropping everything and leaving? Can you imagine struggling to bring home food with no way to make any kind of currency, and nothing on store shelves—AND no land or garden to grow anything in? This is the dilemma that many will soon face in this hemisphere.

Who will Catholic men turn to when they find themselves in a dungeon for two years in prison because they fell over on a “tripwire” and became a “mitigation opportunity”? Who will Catholic working men think of when they’ve lost absolutely every conceivable method of providing a steady income? What man can we look to if we’re faced with the supremely difficult situation of having to give up everything we’ve ever worked for, drop everything, and run for our lives?

St. Joseph is who we will turn to for intercession. That is who.

American men were raised to think they were the posterity of the American Founders. We were supposed to be a republic, with each man his own king. It was supposedly our birthright that we would be free and prosperous. Likewise, St. Joseph was from the line of King David—and were it not for the fact that Rome was occupying Israel, it is arguable that he could, in fact, be the king of Israel, owing to his royal genealogy. Yet, Rome was there, and so he kept his head low. He made himself a worker. He did not complain that his glass was half empty. He focused on what he could do. St. Joseph carried on with his life without complaint. He knew that, were things just and right, it could be better. But he did not dwell on this. Instead, he carried on.

And just as St. Joseph had to drop everything and leave with Mary and Jesus for Egypt, so also may we have to drop everything and migrate somewhere else. Jesus had no future in Israel if He stayed there. He would have been killed. And so, we men have to ask ourselves: do our own children have a future here in this country anymore? America, once a light of the world, has become its darkest cancer. And so, dare we consider migration? We have so many examples in our own American history—from the Hispanics who migrate here (legally or illegally) who start out with nothing, to the blacks who toiled and made the best of their circumstances, to the Revolutionaries who left behind their homes and social status to fight in a risky revolution, to even the first colonists who dared to leave absolutely everything behind in Europe. The entire Western Hemisphere of the Americas is legacy of migration. To pretend otherwise is to ignore everything about this place. Shall we be put even to this test?

And can we read the times? Do we know which way the wind is blowing? Can we attune our hearts to God’s directions? St. Joseph merely dreamed what he should do. He was told what he needed to do while he was sleeping, and in his waking hours, he acted on those dreams. His heart was sensitive and aware to the spiritual aspects of his life. Can men do that today? Can we emulate St. Joseph and discern what is God’s will as opposed to our own?

Can we accept the poverty that is coming for us all? Because, I assure you, it’s coming. And if you’re an honest follower of Christ, I assure you that the powers of Hell have targeted you and are out to destroy you. A narrative is forming—courtesy of alphabet agencies, an indifferent congress, an even more so indifferent USCCB, and a CIA pope—that faithful Catholics are set to become a hated subclass of the Western World. Catholics struggling to hold onto the faith of their ancestors are set to financially suffer the most. Can we turn to the example of St. Joseph, who also struggled in poverty? A man who had to think on the fly and use the tools in his belt? At the Presentation of Jesus, the Holy Family was so poor, they could only provide the offering of the poor—two turtle doves. Does the remnant of American men not given over to evil have the humility to accept these circumstances?

We will be on the run, we will be hungry and poor, and our birthright will have been stripped from us. This is what St. Joseph experienced. How can a man NOT appreciate the intercession of St. Joseph in such times?

A Deeper Dive: Joseph of Egypt

And, if you want to consider the symmetry of it all for greater clarity, consider who St. Joseph had to look to for his own inspiration: his own namesake, Joseph of Egypt.

Just like St. Joseph the Worker, the Joseph of Egypt was also robbed of his birthright. Thrown down a well and sold into Egyptian slavery, he had to make the best of things just like the later Joseph. This earlier Joseph was a patriarch, an immediate descendant of Abraham, who should have been on an easy path for greater things. He was a chaste man—as was the later Joseph—and as a result was thrown into prison for refusing to give in to the lust of Potiphar’s adulterous wife.

Just as the later Joseph was guided by Heaven through dreams, so was Joseph of Egypt also guided through dreams—and this won the respect and admiration of pharaoh. He kept his mind and his heart attuned to God’s fingerprints. And by following God’s pressure upon his heart, he was able to provide—not just for his family—but for all of Egypt. For, as the story goes, he knew that after seven years of plenty, there would be seven years of famine that would ravage the known world. And with Divine foreknowledge, Joseph of Egypt was the savior of the entire realm. In fact, perhaps it could be said that Joseph of Egypt was one of the first, true preppers in history that we know of. Such a legacy would be quite an inspiration for St. Joseph, Patron of Fathers, who would store up and protect the Messiah, Himself, and who would later feed the entire world and protect it from complete spiritual starvation.

And even the two men’s fathers shared the same name: Jacob. More than a coincidence, and more than just typology, there was a clear connection between these two Josephs.

Difficult Times, Strong Men

When one is looking to St. Joseph, Husband of Mary (or even the ancient Joseph of Egypt), one fact remains: these men were facing a complete paradigm shift in their lives. Everything they had that was familiar to them was taken away by either one circumstance or another. St. Joseph had to think on the fly, accept the harsh conditions, and provide for his family. He had to completely depend upon God’s inspiration for his direction. There was no room for his own hubris, his own fancies, or his own comforts. He was the opposite of spoiled. He did the best he could with what he was given.

If American Catholic men continue to persevere for their families, they will all eventually face this same scenario. The same dilemmas and choices will come before most of us, as the lace and frills of privileged, materialistic life with all of its novelties are stripped away from us—not just because of the economic circumstances, but also because of the malice and bent jealousy of twisted overlords. This upcoming displacement will be far greater than any “Church in the catacombs” we can envision. It will be an event unreported in the news and unrivaled since the time of Noah and his sons’ families.

The pilot light of civilization, we know for certain, will stay lit. The Barque of Peter shall not sink beneath the waves. But there will be waves. And there will be high winds threatening to blow the fire out. It will not be easy. And if we dare to carry on any “Benedict Option” traditions within our tribes, it will be in a constant, transitory state of poverty, to be sure. And thus, perhaps it would behoove us all to defer to the expert on this matter.

I am certain that this is how St. Joseph will become the greatest, most revered saint in all of Christian history.

13 thoughts on ““The clock is ticking, and the infernal powers of the world are hastening their pace. They appear to have a timetable of some kind…””

  1. What (who) we are up against:

    Contraception is to make love without a child.
    Artificial Fertilization is to make a child without making love,
    Abortion is to unmake the child.
    Pornography is to unmake love.
    All of these are incompatible with natural law
    — Dr. Jerome Lejeune

    And I would add: “Transvestism” is to unmake the human being.

    The list is comprehensive, aimed at the heart of the created order.

    The infernal unmakes God’s creation, which we (with St Thomas Aquinas) call the natural law, especially the highest of God’s creation – that made in the image and likeness of God Himself.

    This is why Tucker was so profoundly right in his last public talk, which you linked to in your recent post below (paraphrase): “we are not separated by traditional public policy differences; we are separated by existential religious differences”. THAT public acknowledgement of reality by Tucker is likely why he was removed from his network platform. THAT is what is core. They (those in power) know it. We should know it as well. And then act accordingly, as your fantastic guest column lays out above (by Laramie Hirsch). Such great commentary here. Edifying.

    1. Btw, in reference to your title – ““The clock is ticking, and the infernal powers of the world are hastening their pace. They appear to have a timetable of some kind…” –

      I recently read Malachi Martin’s Windswept House. He calls the time following the betrayal of Christ’s Bride in which the infernal enemy is invited in by traitorous Apostles (take the tale with a large grain of salt – some facts are mixed in with the fiction) … he calls that time “The Availing Time”. Those most closely attached to the dark powers of this time if tribulation are well aware of their freedom to act while within the “Availing Time”, but their time (their master’s time) is short – speed and audacity are crucial to their hoped-for victory over their “enemy” (The Unspeakable Name I think they call Him). The closer they got to success, the closer they got to the end of their “Availing Time” and their desperation, with predictable mistakes, escalated.

      I definitely sense desperation in the air of those currently advancing their inhuman, anti-Christian themes.

  2. This will happen to every country on earth, not just the USA. Hirsch has a special hatred for the US, not totally unjustified. But the reason why there will be nowhere to go to to, no refuge, is that the entire world has been overtaken by evil.

    1. “Hirsch has a special hatred for the US”

      I love America. My feelings about our people are synonymous with what Charles Coulombe expresses in Star Spangled Crown.

      1. Sure. Anyway we’re in a worldwide genocide, psyop, demonic attack preparing us or a One World Government and the Anti-Church , Anti-Christ. The US is where the Errors of Russia are most expressed, but every country is in the jackpot right now.

        1. Thank you for the full picture. I’ve read Laramie Hirsch in the past, and while some of his writings and insights have been interesting, I really think his overall vision is way too dark and never leaves you with any feeling of hope. There’s never any sense of trusting in Divine Providence. We know things are terrible, but our country has been consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary on numerous occasions and I’m confident that Our Lady will eventually pull us through.

          1. We know we win in the end, it’s more a question of how bad it’s going to get. After all, “Had those times not been shortened…”

  3. Thank you for sharing. I will pass this along to my husband. He tends to have more optimism than I do in these dark times. Or perhaps I am too pessimistic. Either way, I am grateful to God for these days of peace for our family and strive to not take those moments for granted. But, as always, to remain vigilant and prepare us soul and body.

    1. My husband too tends to feel as if he/we will be able to fight this battle and win.Hubris, maybe to quote Mr. Hirsch. Stock enough food, water, silver and ammo and we’ll be fine. I,on the other hand, don’t see this as a physical battle we can win. It is supernatural and we have no control. No, it won’t hurt to be physically prepared, but ultimately everything is in God’s hands, and what He wills is what will happen. We have to put on the armor of God, trust and pray and listen to the prompting of the Holy Ghost.

    2. There are always two explanations of the speed and intensity of things like this.

      1) “They” are approaching their established timeframes and are trying to get all their pieces in the proper place to make their “final” move, or

      2) “They” perceive that their influence is waning, and their plans are in jeopardy if they don’t act NOW.

      I think we forget that the human element of the “players” is not smart enough to gameplan EVERYTHING. They may have their carefully laid plans and their “ace in the hole”, but in general, they let their arrogance and hubris get the best of them.

      I think we also forget that while the human element isn’t all that smart, the preternatural element IS. This is why we need to stay close to the True Faith and the Sacraments…and why converting people to the True Faith wins in the end.

  4. 10 years ago I worked for the diocese and the church where I was “facilities assistant” had a chapel for St. Joseph. It was my honor to keep it so clean I would have eaten off the floor. A real pleasure (honor) working in that small room.

  5. We should all be sober and realistic about what we are living through, and it certainly looks to get worse, but we should not succumb to anything that takes away our hope, even for better times on this earth. The amount of prayer that has been offered over these last three years is staggering, as people, Catholic and non-Catholic, have realized the dangers of our time. That prayer is not going unheard by God. We should prepare for the worst, but Our Lord may bring us all to the Red Sea and defeat His and our enemies in a sudden and unexpected way. We should fight this spiritual war with spiritual weapons, then leave the outcome to God and the victory to Our Lady.

    1. 0912s, I really hope so. But, I do appreciate all the consolations Our Lord and Our Lady send our way. The chapel where I assist is like an oasis to my soul. I always try to remember the word given to me by my priest: Persevere. God bless us all.

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