Below is my own English translation of Let Nothing Disturb You, originally in the Spanish as Nada Te Turbe (far below) by the 16th century nun, St. Teresa of Avila.

Let Nothing Disturb You
Let nothing disturb you,
nothing shake you.
Everything passes,
God does not change.
Patience obtains everything.
Whoever has God lacks nothing.
Only God suffices.
Elevate your thoughts
to the heavens above.
Let nothing distress you,
nothing disturb you.
Follow Jesus Christ
with a big-heart,
and come what may
let nothing disturb you.
Do you see the glory of the world?
It’s vain-glory.
Nothing is stable,
everything passes.
Aspire unto the heavens
which last forever.
Faithful and rich in promises—
God never changes.
Love that which merits
an immense goodness.
But there is no pure love
without patience.
Confidence and a living faith
maintain the soul.
He who believes and hopes
obtains everything.
Even if it seems you’re besieged by hell–
he who has God will mock its fury.
Let it all come, then: desertions, crosses, disgraces.
If God is your treasure, you’ll lack nothing.
Begone, then, goods of the world and vain sayings.
Even if everything is lost,
God alone suffices.

—St. Teresa of Ávila