8 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson explains the nature of Good and Evil, promptly gets fired”

  1. That’s a great clip, and maybe that has contributed to his firing. I think because of the dominion lawsuit that was a stipulation: get rid of your conservative hosts. Carlson is spot on.

    However, where did he give the speech? The Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation is ground zero for the past 30 years of “free trade” thought and philosophy, you know , the trade that has made us a vassal state of China and ruined the lives of generations of workers.

  2. There was only one show worth watching on Fox. Now there are none.

    I will enjoy watching them implode as Trump 2024 victory-dances on their failed legacy. I had minor doubts about him before this. No more.

    And Tucker will continue to have the highest rated show on the planet – doesn’t matter where … we’ll find it and leave Fox to their imploding viewer base.

    1. I think it would be really cool if CNN (under new management) picked up all the Fox castaways, their old business model and cleaned Fox’s network clock with them.

      CNN the new Fox? CNN up, Fox down? Conservatives on every screen in every airport and no one cares any more about Paul Ryan’s programming choices? Probably won’t happen, but it should.

  3. Fox showed who they were, or were definitely not, for some time. I used to make comments there, but got shadow-banned, and once I realized it, I was out. Same with Facebook. I can’t comprehend anyone staying with any entity censoring or suppressing them. I mean, why, what won’t you put up with if you put up with that. Facebook sent me one warning and I said toodles and told them why. Never looked back and glad I did it. Same with Fox, although I was checking Fox News each day. Now that’s gone. If people don’t send messages when they are disrespected then these horrendous corporations pay no price. This is not how Dems do it, and we could learn some good lessons by watching Dems. They stay true to their nutty agenda, they stick together, they’re organized, and they follow through and keep pecking away. Fox should tank because they just got rid of Bongino and now Tucker. Kiss my foot, they are saying to conservatives. But Fox was not ever really conservative.
    Go on to bigger and better things, Tucker. The people will find you, and now they despise Fox.

  4. So I don’t know if anyone is keeping score, but evil has greatly accelerated this year.

    We have all the usual business with WW3 which, despite that everyone basically knows Biden/NATO/Globalists can’t win, we’re going full speed ahead.

    We are getting ready to include CHina in WW3.

    Not only is the trans agenda out in the open, it’s unapologetic. Woman kills 6 people, including 3 children, no one cares. The man who shot up Louisville was part of that, since he was “outrage” and wanted to prove how easy it was to get a gun, even with a mental illness.

    Matt Walsh, THE prominent anti-trans critic and documentarian, has been cancelled.

    Sports betting is everywhere now. NFL players are being suspended for it. Your grandpa is emptying his savings for it. Everything on TV regarding sports is all about betting. While Catholics say gambling isn’t bad if done in moderation, I remind you that the Roman guards bet for Jesus’ cloak. This vice causes apathy, indifference, callousness at its most benign, and all out evil at its worst.

    Dennis Prager, a Jewish “conservative” has come out in favor of pornography if it doesn’t lead to adultery. Not understanding the 7th commandment, or perhaps not caring, he believes that works are more important than what’s in your heart. He’s doubled down on this. He has a massive following.

    Israel is currently considering anti-Christian laws in the country, where they hope to make overt what was always known to anyone who visited there: Christians are lower than Muslims to these people.

    The world is shifting from the US hegemony to China hegemony. Can’t say we didn’t ask for it, since we are the seat of all this evil right now. However, this evil came from the Errors of Russia. And if you think things are bad now, just wait until China is running everything.

    The Covid 19 genocide is almost completely forgotten, even though it has made 1/2 the world sick and dead. In fact it is still the worst thing we are dealing with. Damar Hamlin, or the man pretending to be him, says he’s going to make a comeback. Well, the NFL paid out Hamlin’s full contract. That doesn’t happen unless that person won’t play again. So this is probably for show, in order to carry the narrative that his injury was a freak accident, and not a vaccine injury.

    Tiffany Dover, who got the shot on national tv and collapsed on national tv on December 17, 2020, and who had not been heard from every since, including on her social media which she was active on, has resurfaced in an NBC interview last week. She gained 30 pounds, got a hook nose and totally changed her face, but sure, that’s her.

    Since Donald Trump opened the mRNA gates of hell, guess what? It’s replacing all traditional vaccines, it is placed in children’s vaccine schedules, and it’s now being introduced into our food supply.

    Meanwhile antipope Francis, who literally accelerated all of this evil with his Pachamama worship in 2019, just gave away pieces of the true cross to likely pedophile, atheist, and “defender” of Henry 8’s hubris CHarles.

    On Sunday, Ray Epps, who is clearly a fed meant to instigate the 1/6 flash mob “insurrection”, was on tv, and was never challenged, while at the same time the only mainstream person who could challenge him, Tucker Carlson, was fired today.

    And Donald Trump, who is part of this evil, who’s participating in the kayabe/kabuki theater, has just come out defending Bud Light/Dylan Mulvaney (or, rather, his son, noted cokehead Don, Jr has).

    And I almost forgot (how could I?) , the FBI is now going against Catholics, particularly trad Catholics or any Catholic who actually believes what the Church teachers.

    And how is George Soros a free man?

    Folks, nothing is real anymore except evil. What started in 2008 with Obama has been accomplished. America is done. The world is done. We are a world tethered to smartphones, social media, base desire, hatred of morals, unnatrual lusts, and hatred of family. The communists have triumphed. Mary was right, after 1960 it was too late.

    I don’t even recognize this world from 2019. But here in 2023, the evil has seemed to ramp up. It wouldn’t surprise me if there is a nuclear detonation somewhere this year.

    Pray, pray, pray.

    1. Maybe I’m wrong here, but I think this is the end times and we are going to enter the great tribulation soon. For over a decade I have known about Lucis Trust and their one world religion agenda which they post publicly on their website. After a nuclear war this Maitreya peace figure will show up and claim to be they Christ and will kill fundamentalist Christians who think he’s the antichrist, By fundamentalist he means people who believe their religion is true and other religions are false, similar to what Francis is approaching.

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