2 thoughts on “Epic rant: “I am not willing to abandon truth in the name of sparing feelings””

  1. Using their language because they say so; because we are empathetic and nice – not nice, actually, rather “Gateway Drugs” of perversions. Oh, absolutely true.

    Why is it a perversity gateway drug? Because they have demanded we participate in their existential lie of reality description and we have agreed. What comes next, after the perversity Gateway Drug? Cocktails of perversity drugs – which is seen as evidenced by the rooms full of “mothers” with their children wildly applauding pornographic sodo-pole dances.

    How did all those normal looking “mothers” end up in that perversity space with their no-longer innocent children (I’ve often wondered)? The Gateway Drug of lies in language. Nice mother. So full of empathy and kindness … but lacking character, strength, honor, bravery, morality … cowards, nice little ewes and lambs, eaten alive by the true pagan believers. So true. Don’t give an inch.

    This is not a political disagreement – it is so much more. As Tucker notes in this video (watch it, you’ll be glad you did) this is a conflict between religions, between good and evil.


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