How it started, how it’s going

Happy Easter! It’s only Wednesday… continue to feast!

Sorry for the lack of content the last few days. Flu has entered the household, and misery abounds. But we know how to take up that misery and apply lovingly to the cross, yes?

Anyway, here is a quick graphic to send anyone who needs a summary of what happens when a country has terrible economic policies. Enjoy.

One thought on “How it started, how it’s going”

  1. Well, duh, it’s our fault. “Free trade” was the mechanism by which CEOs felt justified in taking our entire manufacturing base and establishing them in China. It was a lie, since “free trade” implies equal footing, yet China then was a third world hellhole and now is still a third world hell hole for workers. China then stole our trade secrets, our military and space secrets. Made a few CEOs and stockholders lots of money, but turned the US into a service based economy.

    Once when I was young and dumb I emailed a “free trade” expert at the Heritage foundation. I asked him why “Free trade” was a good idea. He said that the US would come up with “new technologies” to replace the old. I said well, if jobs can be outsourced, can’t talent? And of course I’m still waiting, 22 years later, for the follow up.

    The only silver lining in all of this is like the USSR, China has no innate innovation and talent, no idea how economies actually work (they are commie and centrally controlled). They steal everything. Eventually is should come tumbling down.

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