13 thoughts on “When the FBI knows that the SSPX is actually Catholic, get ready to rumble…”

  1. Very disturbing. Here’s what the rest of the tweet said: … to sensitize these congregations to warning signs of radicalization & to enlist their assistance to serve as suspicious activity tripwires.

    Catholic men: start planning now. The day is coming, probably soon when we are going to have to physically defend our priests, religious, their churches and monasteries.

  2. Nah. Kabuki theater. A ploy by governments to keep Catholics attached to VII. If you think FBI/governments don’t know the SSPX has been compromised, think again. Same goes for those who believe Trump didn’t know what Fauci was all about. We’re being played.

    1. The SSPX of 2023 is definitely not the SSPX of 1993. There have been so many negative changes to the SSPX over the past 30 years, especially over the past 20 years.

      1. A former SSPX priest, Fr. Pierre Roy, denounces the SSPX’s having a NO “bishop” bless the holy oils this past Holy Thursday at Germany SSPX seminary. Not good


        Mark, “we have to work with what what we’ve got”…..is exactly why I’ve kindly asked you to mention to your readers that sede chapels are a good and viable option.

        1. I’m not sure why they couldn’t get one of their bishops, or even the bishop of the place, which they do recognize as such. Debbie in good conscience make a blanket statement about Sede clergy. Many are validly ordained, but to me the CMRI seem suspect.

          1. Mark, yes, it’s strange they didn’t use one of their own bishops. Strange too that they did not mention who the bishop was, nor have any pictures of him. Also strange is why they haven’t consecrated more bishops these past 25 years. Surely they’re large enough to warrant more bishops. Of course it makes more sense when you consider Abp. Lefebvre was on record stating he doubted the validity of the new rite for ordination and was certain episcopal consecrations were indeed invalid. What isn’t so strange is the SSPX’s changing stance on the issue happens to coincide with Ratzinger’s election to the papacy; the first “pope” consecrated in the new rite.

            Jmy, if I’m not mistaken, you attend a NO Mass, correct?

  3. Drifted over to check out one of my favorite blogs after a Lenten absence.

    Same old eclectic faithful Catholic blog – that’s good!
    Same old tired Sede comments – that’s bad!

    The topic is FBI: targeting and persecution of real Catholics. Yup.

    Sede, Sede, Sede. Nope.

      1. And I am going to try to keep my comments shorter and fewer (yay!, they say!).

        I appreciate you, especially these days, facilitating free speech/comments.

  4. Since the topic is SSPX, and why the FBI might be persecuting SSPX and no others (they are targeting Catholics iow), check out this interview with Arbp LeFebvre from 1978. They (the earthbound) fear the Transcendent.


    This interview was suppressed from publication by the USCCB on pain of literal excommunication for any non-compliant Catholic publisher. Published 10 years later (1988 – the year of the Consecrations) by “The Spotlight”.

    It is a lengthy interview and is like a “time machine” to a previous Catholic epoch. He speaks for me down to the last punctuation mark. Catholic. Pure Catholic. Even the godless secular police fear us – because we (and only we Catholics *in union with all other Catholics in Christ through Mary*) worship the One, True God.

    1. Thank you Aqua for sharing this interview. Extremely enlightening.

      Quote: “But as the bishops (of old) obeyed the popes of their days, shouldn’t you obey the pope of your day?

      The bishops do not have to obey the humanist orders that contradict Catholic faith and doctrine as established by Jesus Christ and all the various popes throughout the centuries.

      So then are you deliberately choosing to disobey the present pope?

      It has been a soul-searching and painful choice because events have really made it a choice of whom you disobey rather than whom you obey. I am making this choice without doubt or hesitation. I have chosen to disobey the present pope so that I could be in communion with 262 (former) popes.

      I’m so sorry you cannot see that your “blind obedience” (Abp. Lefebvre’s words) has transferred from the Pope/Magisterium/Church to the Archbishop and his society.

      To believe the Holy Ghost is with these liberal, humanist “popes” and that Catholics are free to pick and choose what to believe from them is straight up Protestantism.

      The sede, sede, sedes are also in communion with all the former, pre – VII popes. Thing is the sede clergy had/has the insight, fortitude and cajones to call a spade a spade.

      Hopefully Abp. Lefebvre being excommunicated from the antiChurch at the time of his death helped him through his particular judgement.

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