Shocking new footage of J6 violent QAnon Shaman-led deadly insurrection


3 thoughts on “Shocking new footage of J6 violent QAnon Shaman-led deadly insurrection”

  1. Everything is fake. The 1/6 insurrection was fake. Any violence was instigated by feds (Ray Epps). The only causualty, Babbitt, was killed in cold blood. This was done to create the excuse that the government needs to control you even more. Just like 9/11 was the excuse to have the Patriot Act and have you spied on.

    Donald Trump is part of this. He is a fake. He is controlled opposition. He says the right things, does the opposite. Who didn’t build the wall when he had the chance legislatively in 2018? Trump. Who hired Chris Wray and Bill Barr? Trump. Who didn’t blink and created the program that gave us the Covid 19 bioweapon? Trump.

    Who led the crowd to the Capitol? Trump.

    This is a guy who knew Epstein, partied with the Clintons, cheated on his pregnant wife with a porn star.

    He got my vote in 2016, I gave him a chance. When the first thing he did was re-do the tax cuts, I knew we were screwed. Every time a Republican president gets elected, taxes are always the first priority. That wasn’t the most important thing then, and it isn’t now. We are in an existential fight here.

    2020 was a fraudulent election, but Trump was in on it. The people voted for Trump, Trump looks like a victim even though he really has done nothing to challenge the election EXCEPT get people arrested. He doesn’t care. He’s a heel.

    Right now there are intentional bank collapses all across the country. What happened is that big spenders were careless with money on purpose, knowing the feds would take over the banks. All done to get us on digital currency.

    This, coupled with the great die-off happening in the US because of the C19 vax will result in a smaller, more controllable population. We have no food, and will eat crickets. Or will be forced to eat what our overlords want.
    We have illegals and drugs coming across the border to ensure constant democrat victories, constant lower wages for workers, and constant displacement of whites.

    And World War 3 is being waged to destroy our military power and prestige.

    It’s over.

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