5 thoughts on “Biden: Barry and I regulated those banks very bigly; they failed because Orange Man Bad…”

  1. Silicon Valley firms borrowed when interest rates were low. They borrowed too much, interest rates went up, and they want a bailout. That’s the first issue. Second, the feds want us all on digital currency. It’s evil in its brilliance.

    1. Third: The globalists that tell Dementia Joe and Kamla Ho what to say, want to implement the social credit score that they successfully piloted in China, to the U.S. and beyond. As long as paper currency exists, they can’t control what we can and can’t buy and where we can and can’t go.

      All of us should have been highly suspicious when 24/7 covidism suddenly went away, replaced with embarrassing propaganda for that little pipsqueak nazi in Kiev. Covidism proved how largely unintelligent the de-Christianized American people really are. I think it’s now full-steam ahead with the next phase of the new world order and the obedient little sheep addicted to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Pravda (the dinosaur traditional American media) will sadly, roll over and take what’s coming.

      Stay confessed and remember that Heaven is our true country as per the Second Glorious Mystery of the Rosary.

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