3 thoughts on “I don’t know the real story behind the Ohio train chemical burn, but assuredly it was handled by “experts””

  1. Yeah, Pete Buttgrease failed. Yeah, the EPA failed. However, the person to blame is the Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine. He said he was faced with “two choices”: wait for the tankers to blow up, or burn off all the chemicals. He said he made the decision to chemically nuke Ohio with the National Guard, state environmental authorities.

    I’m in southern Ohio. Mike DeWine is a complete POS. Total RINO. First thing he did as Ohio govenror was jack up the state’s gas tax. Then he was a lockdown and mask zealot during Covid. He would hold timely “fireside chat” infomercials during 2020 and early 2021 talking about how wearing a mask basically prevented every respiratory disease and it was our responsibility to wear them. I did not.

    Now he’s totally f—ed up three states, Ohio, Pa., and West Virginia and, via the Ohio River, maybe more.

    I don’t care what Pete Buttgrease has to say. I don’t care what the federal EPA says. We all know it’s worthless. But the primary decider was Mike DeWine. Through public university vaccine mandates and this, he’s going up the leaderboard on mass murdering.

  2. In no prior era would spy balloons float happily across our United States unimpeded, nor would huge tankers of chemicals turn over and unload their contents on the American people living there, while the government sat around on it’s ass and did nothing. Never. At no time prior to this one. And there was another “wreck” on a train somewhere in the US today. Coincidental, like all the 20-something’s dropping dead of heart attacks.

    1. It’s also quite strange that the first government entity our beloved governor called when this happened was not the EPA, or NTSB, or EPA, but the department of defense?

      I was born in 1975, and can’t remember the Carter admin, but from what my father had told me, this is a lot like the Carter admin. Probably much worse, but that’s the reference point.

      When Three Mile Island happened Carter looked like a buffoon. I watched a documentary of him visiting the site grinning and waving from the limo while people were protesting and worried about, you know, dying.

      With our depraved culture, we get the president we deserve I guess.

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