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  1. World War 3 is about to commence in a WW1 reboot. The US southern border is erased. You can’t afford eggs. Food plants are burning to the ground. The installed president is a pedophile and a stooge of China. George Soros is allowed to roam free and sow chaos in our country’s streets with corrupt prosecutors. We are being forced off gas, oil, coal, which are miracles that allowed our prosperity. We are 31 trillion in debt, and “Modern Monetary Theory”, which we’ve embraced is basically tubo Cloward-Piven. Because of Obama’s legacy the country is more racially divided than at any time since the Civil War.

    Throw in a bioweapon that will kill half the world, including 80% of the US population, and we are clearly in the most EVIL time in world history.

    In order for the One World Government to work, the US has to be eliminated. Yes, the country was founded by mostly Masons, but what made the country work were the people of this country who were NOT Masons and, while flawed, and Protestant, made this place the most (imperfectly, yes) Christian place on earth for a time. But no longer.

    The One World Government will be run by the WEF/Technocrats. its moral code will rest in the fraternal bs of Bergoglio’s ANti-Church, and its main engine of economic production will be China. And everyone on earth will be tracked via a phone or chip/tattoo in the skin (Luciferase!) which will model China’s “social credit” system. Every single thing you do will be tracked and judged and you will only eat and buy things by the mercy of your overlords.

    This is why no one in Washington cares about the people anymore, why there is no shame, why elections don’t matter. It’s all ready to go. All that’s left is for enough people to die so control is possible.

    1. Many prophets (both false and perhaps true) tell us to have food stored away for a famine. I myself can see that the best way to get people to consent to being marked by the beat is to collapse the financial system then make food rations contingent on getting the mark. I think God will multiply what little we have and it will take heroic faith to avoid the mark, such as trusting God to provide.

      1. The “Mark” will be so simple, so easy, so convenient, so important to the community of peoples.

        Refusing the “Mark” will be so complex, so calamitous, so exclusionary, so harmful to self and family, so selfish to the needs of the community of peoples.

        No doubt, as with the mRNA therapy jab, the Vatican II New Church™️ will strongly justify the “Mark Of The Beast” (re-marketed by the regime to the peoples under the comforting title “community participation chip”). There will be spiritual and practical reasons to compromise our well-formed conscience when the apocalyptic moment of the Mark presents itself to the Faithful.

        The time of the “Jab” may well have been the Regime’s trial run at totalitarian control. But the time of the “Jab” was also OUR time to prepare for greater persecutions to come – practically, intellectually, spiritually.

        1. This reminds me of the short film Utopia, made in 2019 before the Lockdown Regime asserted itself … so, not just darkly funny but prophetic. They nailed it – this movie depicts the essence of the New Totalitarianism.

  2. That’s quite the compensation for being born here in the bad old USA as opposed to their ancestors countries of origin…

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