Djokovic wins Australian Open one year after he was deported for being unvaxxed

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MELBOURNE, Australia (LifeSiteNews) — Tennis star Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open one year after being barred from the tournament and deported from the country for refusing to take the COVID injections. 

“This probably is the, I would say, biggest victory of my life,” Djokovic declared after winning the Final in three sets against his opponent Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Last year, there was a back-and-forth between Djokovic and Australian authorities regarding the tennis star’s vaccination status and his invitation to play in the prestigious tournament. The Serbian star had initially been granted a medical exemption to the COVID jab requirement allowing him to participate in the Australian Open. However, disputes over an alleged discrepancy in his visa application, as well as allegations that he did not observe quarantine requirements while in Australia, led to his visa being canceled. 

An Australian court then overruled the visa cancellation, and it looked as though the Serbian could stay in the country and compete in the Australian Open. However, in a highly controversial move, immigration minister Alex Hawke overruled the court decision and canceled Djokovic’s visa for the second time, forcing him to leave the country. 

With the redemptive victory at this year’s Australian Open, Djokovic tied Rafael Nadal for the most Grand Slam titles in the sport’s history at 22. The Serbian tennis star now has 10 Australian Open wins, also an all-time record. Furthermore, the win put Djokovic back on top of the ATP rankings. He has held onto the No. 1 spot on the ATP ranking for a total of 374 weeks, more than any other athlete in history…


3 thoughts on “Djokovic wins Australian Open one year after he was deported for being unvaxxed”

  1. Not really fair – his competition had to play under the fear of “Sudden Cardiac Arrest for No Reason” syndrome.

    1. If his competition had overcome their fear of standing up and saying no to their overlords, they would not currently be fearful of sudden death and may have been able to compete equally well as the brave Djokovic!

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