Did Nancy have an exorcism?

Nancy Pelosi reportedly summons priests to exorcise home of evil spirits

Former House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi summoned priests to rid her luxe San Francisco home of evil spirits after a man allegedly attacked her hubby there with a hammer.

“I think that weighed really heavy on her soul. I think she felt really guilty,” said Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra, the New York Times reported Saturday.

“I think that really broke her. Over Thanksgiving, she had priests coming, trying to have an exorcism of the house and having prayer services,” she added.

Fr. Arturo Albano, the pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Church, Pelosi’s local parish, insisted his staff was not involved in such a rite.

“As far as I know, no exorcism or priest services were performed at her home,” Albano told The Post.

But Pelosi may have gone outside her local church hierarchy for holy help.

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone banned the Democrat from receiving Holy Communion in May, “until such time as you publically repudiate your advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion,” he wrote at the time. The archdiocese did not return a request for comment.

Pelosi has long referred to herself as a devout Catholic, despite her vociferous pro-abortion advocacy in opposition to church teaching.

Critics all but climbed the walls in reaction to the head-spinning news.

“Will she also be coordinating one for the speaker’s office?” wondered Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.).

“Hopefully Nancy doesn’t vanish after the exorcism,” tweeted Terry Mann.


11 thoughts on “Did Nancy have an exorcism?”

  1. No, she didn’t have an exorcism. Unrepentant betrayers of the innocent don’t want God’s help, would never ask for God’s help and aren’t going to get God’s help without genuine repentance.

    Perhaps she had a ‘ritual’ with some ‘priests’ and is afraid a paparazzi might have scored some pictures. Now that she’s retired from Congress, her top priority is cheating death for as long as possible… and some of the rumored methods would be a scandal far worse than ducking a DUI.

  2. A better course for her (or for any serious public sinner with a history of widely endorsing evil) would be to examine her conscience, sincerely repent, go to Confession, and do penance, which I would assume would involve retracting her statements re abortion . Not sure of the source, but I have heard that a valid sincere Confession with Absolution is more powerful against the devil than an exorcism. Remember, exorcism is a sacramental. Confession is a sacrament.

  3. Bizarre. My guess is
    1. story is wrong or incomplete, or/and
    2. she had an “exorcism” with some gay-lib priest & a couple of New Age shamans dressed as tooth fairies.

    If she’s still human – emphasize “if” – then her excommunication by Cordileone would have wounded her feelings but, unable to repent nor integrate concepts logically, she would have a disjointed / senseless type of response to it.

  4. One good Confession is worth 100 exorcisms.

    Confessions work Ex Opere Operato, Exorcisms don’t. The Priest could be in a state of horrible mortal sin, and still doing horrible things before and after hearing your Confession, and have no intention of stopping.

    None of that matters.

    That priest says the words of absolution, and you walk out of the Confession a new creation, and angels surrounding you are rejoicing.

    But of course, Pelosi needs to conform her conscious to the Church first, so a good Confession is still out of the question for her until that happens.

  5. I struggle with praying for people who I don’t like and Nancy Pelosi is certainly at the top of that list. It really irks me that she didn’t receive her bell, book and candle years ago. Her behavior has almost certainly set a terrible example for poorly catechized Catholics, endangering their souls. All that said, I and all of us should pray that Pelosi, in these twilight years, will find true humility, recognize her errors and find a good, holy confessor.

    1. “struggle” – are you kidding? Praying for enemies is easy as pie.

      Just say a Hail Mary for her salvation. Be thinking “Of course she’s a mess. Setting it right is between her & God. I’ll never have to see her in Heaven unless we both get it right – and if we did, what a glorious day that would be, yay!”

      And then suddenly, because you prayed for her, or because you kept your own focus on God, you hate her less.

      1. It’s definitely a struggle. I believe that when you pray, you should have total sincerity in what you’re praying for. When you dislike someone like I do in the case of Pelosi, Bergoglio and alas, too many others, it is a challenge for me to humble myself, stop thinking for a minute about their wickedness, and focus entirely on the possibility of these people doing a 180. I know it’s possible and I think it would be an incredibly awesome thing if Pelosi would convert and become a pro-life advocate. I hope that happens and I hope I can pray better for her as well as Antipope Bergoglio and others who make my blood pressure increase. I will start though by saying a daily Ave Maria for her salvation so thank you for that tip 🙂

  6. Or just start with saying one, when you happen to think of it, keeping things light.

    Praying for your enemies is similar to exercise…. namely….. just start somewhere, do a little, you don’t need to win the Olympics, just take a quick walk around the block already, keep it simple.

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