Not the Bee: Eggflation has created black market with smuggling operations from Mexico

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — CBS News reports that egg smuggling across the U.S. and Mexico border is becoming more frequent as egg prices continue to rise.

Officials say that several individuals have been stopped at the border trying to sneak in raw eggs — a crime that can cost you up to $10,000. U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Roger Maier told CBS, “We are seeing an increase in people attempting to cross eggs from Juarez to El Paso because they’re significantly less expensive in Mexico than the U.S.”

The “egg-flation” phenomenon has raised prices in the U.S. to $4.25 per dozen…

Eggs found in travelers’ vehicles crossing the border must be declared and will be destroyed by officers. If eggs or other contraband such as fruits, vegetables, or meats are declared, CBP officers will waive the fine. Check out what you can and cannot bring across the border here. A supervisory agriculture specialist at U.S. Customs in El Paso said, “We don’t want to issue the penalties, but occasionally we have to. So if you declare what you’ve got, there won’t be an issue.”

Want to save on egg costs? Mesa-based Inspire Farms suggests starting your own chicken coop…

8 thoughts on “Not the Bee: Eggflation has created black market with smuggling operations from Mexico”

  1. I am not an egg eater but I feel for those who are. According to the secular media, the price of eggs is being driven by three things: an increase in holiday demand, higher production costs for farmers, and an outbreak of bird flu. Really?

    An increase in holiday demand – So this Christmas season’s demand was for some reason, over 60 percent higher than past years because??? I’m not buying it, especially when so much of the population continues to go vegan.

    Higher production costs for farmers – This is certainly believable (fertilizer and feed byproducts used to come from Russia) but to justify the huge cost for eggs and not for poultry? I just got back from the supermarket and bought some fine looking chicken breasts for a crazy low price. The chicken and the egg go hand in hand so if eggs are up, then poultry should be up as well.

    Outbreak of bird flu – O.K. assuming this is true then why isn’t the cost of poultry up 60 plus percent like eggs are? Poultry is highly perishable and if chickens are dropping dead and thus not producing eggs, that doesn’t explain why there isn’t a shortage of poultry and/or a huge increase in the price of poultry.

    Something wicked is up from the retards in that freemasonic cesspit capital of ours. Stay confessed and get ready to fight. We can’t be passive any more and let these bastards treat us this way. Christ is our King and Heaven is our true home. We have NO other loyalty. Death to freemasonry and ALL of it’s rotten fruits!

    1. @James Andrew Dunn

      Eggs come from one kind of chicken and farm, meat comes from another. Meat birds are slaughtered far before the age of egg-laying maturity, and theyre not particularly prolific layers anyway.

      It takes 18-22~weeks for a layer hen to mature, but only 6-12~ weeks for a meat bird, then it’s much faster to regenerate meat production than egg production.

      Plus a shortage increases demand. People who didnt buy eggs may be buying eggs because of the shortage because people are governed by their passions.

  2. Just back from the store and many carts had eggs.
    Dank meme showed a dozen for $10 with the yours in three easy installments caption.
    Eggs have to be broken in order to build the egalitarian equity utopia.
    I wish Putler and Emmanuel Trumpstein would stop with the orbital inflation lasers. (honk!)

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