The Stove Police

And then they came for your stove. Gas stoves, that is. Gas stoves are literally Hitler. Which, doesn’t this mean restaurants are Hitler, too? What about all those cooking shows? Is this the end of the Food Network?

Dr. Briggs has the story and the full debunk HERE.

I’m old enough to remember Cheap Trick singing about the Dream Police. This too may soon become reality.

But for now, buh bye, “Now you’re cooking with gas.”


h/t el gato malo

2 thoughts on “The Stove Police”

  1. No way. I grew up in humid, polluted Houston with two chain smoking parents and a gas stove. And I mowed the grass. And there was pollen so thick you could write your name on the windshield every spring. Yet I am a long distance runner who has never had asthma and only had one bad case of bronchitis thirty years ago. I call baloney on this.

  2. What do you call politicians who want to take away our gas appliances and gas cars?

    I told this to my priest friend last night and he laughed, so I guess it’s ok to repeat! lol

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