Dozens of new emails show Biden WH crushing free speech on social media regarding the deathvaxx in 2021

New Discovery in Missouri v. Biden – Flaherty Directing Censorship for White House

Some recent discovery has been released in the Missouri v. Biden case, namely from Rob Flaherty, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Digital Strategy. If you are unaware of what may be the most important civil liberties case in the modern era, you can follow our previous reporting herehere, and here.

Quick recap: This case is the MOST IMPORTANT civil liberties case we have seen in years and maybe the most important ever. The case is brought by Missouri and Louisiana, along with other individual plaintiffs. It asks the court to bar the government from colluding with social media companies to limit free speech.

They originally wanted to depose Flaherty, who was added to the suit in an amended complaint after expedited discovery revealed that he was ALSO involved in censorship activities. The judge granted that depo, but the 5th circuit (on mandamus) wanted the judge to reconsider because they hadn’t taken written interrogatory and discovery yet. These releases are a product of that discovery.

A few highlights? Sure. At the behest of the White House, Facebook was deamplifying and demoting vaccine injured patients from sharing their experiences even though the posts didn’t break terms of service. I detail this a lot more below. Additionally, Twitter refused to remove a post at the request of the office of Jill Biden, and really took a lashing. Also, did you know they were even censoring on WhatsApp?

This is really terrible and is exactly the kind of thing the government denies it did but clearly is doing. These are case winners here. Twitter responds to Flaherty, telling him they are taking action on a tweet by @RobertKennedyJR, and Flaherty asks to look at others like it.

This is pretty damning. Here Flaherty is scolding Facebook about content from accounts he disagrees with. They clearly want the vaccine “hesitant” to only get positive information on the shot. Think about this in context and from what we have known the entire time. Chilling.

There is just no reason for the White House and the POTUS to be involved in what social media platforms are doing to censor information that the White House doesn’t want Americans to see. It’s just completely unconstitutional, and the brazen manner in which this occurs is something.

These emails with YouTube are so informative I want to take them one at a time. How is YouTube handling the de-amplification of “hesitancy” themed video content for the Vietnamese community? You would think he was the CEO of YouTube reading these.

Tons more HERE.

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