9 thoughts on “It’s snowing in Miami. Go to Confession.”

  1. I have no idea if this will help anyone but certain prophets claim that someday soon a tsunami will flood the east coast. So being confessed is the only way to be prepared, for the Lord is coming like a thief in the night.

  2. I think nature is convulsing in the U.S.
    Permanent stolen “elections” and every level of civic authority protecting that theft and lie.
    Every filth, and now open satanism, dancing in high places, and everywhere.
    Poison injections.
    Just to name a few.
    Go to confession.

  3. We are paying big carbon taxes here in Canada right now. Just heard a local church had a heating bill with a 1000.00 dollar carbon tax charge. The parish is spending more than they are taking in. Once we have been utterly drained of our wealth, Florida will look like Elsa’s kingdom in Disney’s Frozen. So I guess those taxes are really working and that is why it is snowing in Miami. Yeah. Sorry about that.

  4. I went last Wednesday.

    First in line. And sadly, I’m usually the only one in line. Kinda felt bad for my nice parish priest from India, wanted to go back in there, and jokingly make him wonder, “How many mortal sins could this guy have done in the last 30 minutes?”

    I try to go to Confession once or twice per month. Something of New Years’ Resolution for me is to go to Confession more times in 2023 than I take Communion.

    I wish the Church would withhold Communion more often, for example only distribute it at Easter, and during the Easter Season. Put right at the top of the parish bulletin and the hymn-handouts that ever parish has: “Communion will not be distributed.” People in the Middle Ages would only take Communion once per year (Confession once a year as well, that’s really all that’s still required of Catholics, you don’t have to take Communion). Devout members of religious orders in the Middle Ages would take Communion 4-6 times per year, during Holy Days. When a Pope visited America a few decades back, before V2, only the 12 altar servers at that Mass got Communion.

    In the Middle Ages, they had what was called a “Pax” or “Pax Board.” It was a decorative piece of wood/metal that the priest would kiss during the “Kiss of Peace.” The priest would give it to he deacon who would kiss it, and he would take it and give it to the subdeacon to kiss, who would take it, give it to everyone around them to kiss, and finally give it to the laity to line up and give it kiss or venerate it.That’s as close as the laity would come to Communion during most of the year. I wish that thing would make a comeback.


    How people are eating and drinking their own damnation every week? I wouldn’t want to be a priest on Judgement Day, and have a long line of souls accuse to Almighty God: “This priest gave me Communion when I was in a state of mortal sin.”

    People need Communion, yes. But I think they need Confession MORE. It says a lot that The Lord gave us The Mass and Communion BEFORE His Crucifixion, but… He gave us Confession AFTER His Resurrection. There is not much recorded in Scriptures about what the Lord taught after his Resurrection. Confession is one of (if not the ONLY thing) He gave us after His Resurrection. That means something.

    1. St Catherine of Sienna and I think, either St. Gertrude or St Bridget were advised via their visions to make frequent Spiritual Communions. According to their inspirations, spiritual communions are just as effective.

    2. Pius X encouraged frequent reception of Holy Communion. One thing people can do is make reparations for sacrilegious Communion to the Holy Face of Jesus.

    3. Communion is how He transforms us into Himself, in a manner of speaking. Unless you have the care and authority over others, or scandalized them or something, the only ones culpable for your sins is you.

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