CANCELLED: Webhost platform Blogger deletes deathjab essay from Mary Ann Kreitzer at Les Femmes

It’s happening, folks. Thankfully, I had done a full cross-post of her essay last week, which her provider apparently deemed to be misinformation and thus needed to be censored. She uses Blogger (owned by Google), which is one of the dominant platforms for bloggers around the world, alongside WordPress. Although I am using the WordPress platform to type these words, my site is no longer hosted by WordPress, so they can’t touch it. Supernerd made those changes when he switched the domain to .org from .com. My technical knowledge of how these things work now being exhausted, I will need to have Supernerd write something up. But in a nutshell, anyone using Blogger to host their site is in imminent danger of being deplatformed.

Here is Mary Ann’s reportage this morning:

Blooper deleted my post on the damage of shooting up with the CO**D thingy!

Really! We’re all brainless children who need to be protected by the ignorant bots run by the Blooper fascists who want to exercise mind control on anyone stepping off the woke path.

Nobody is allowed to know the truth and if you encourage people to do the research with links to the reputable docs telling the truth, “Bye-Bye Blooper post.” They make Pravda and China’s thought control media look like pikers.

Well, thanks be to God, the post was copied and pasted in toto at a colleague’s site that is not on Blooper’s stinking platform. Go read it there to see the dangerous info Blooper doesn’t want you to know. I urge you to share it with others who are totally clueless about the danger of letting the guys in white lab coats shoot you up.

I was at a party yesterday with square dancing friends and got into a conversation with one who will get every needle as soon as it’s offered. Sadly, most of those folks are in the true believer class. (I wonder if they burn candles in front of Dr. Science’s icon.) But it’s no wonder when the truth is being deplatformed, suppressed, and censored by the Big Media accomplices.

I need to talk to my son-in-law about getting off Blooper and moving to a more hospitable platform that recognizes the value of free speech.

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