Question for J@b True Believers: Have you done the research?

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Question for J@b True Believers: Have you done the research?

I suspected the “safety and effectiveness” being reported about the j@b was a hoax from the very beginning. Not only that, but after spending my entire adult life defending babies in the womb and their moms, I was NEVER going to accept something developed or tested using cell lines from murdered infants. As things turned out, declining the shot was a prudent, life-saving decision. When I got the virus in March 2020, the ER did a workup, confirmed the virus and told me to “tough it out” – no recommendations for anti-viral meds or immune boosting vitamins. Nada! So I called the Frontline Doctors and got ivermectin. After that, I took care of virus sufferers twice without getting sick from the exposure. Meanwhile, Fauci and Birx told people to stay home and go to the hospital when they were so sick they were near death.

Despite all their deadly advice, true believers continue to deny that Fauci could possibly have misled us. (He IS SCIENCE after all.) And when they get the virus after multiple doses of the experimental gene therapy drug, they often say something to the effect that, “I’m so thankful I got the shot, because otherwise I probably would have died.”

REALLY? Are you that stupid?

When a friend of mine described the serious case of C-19 his multiple vaxxed daughter and her ditto spouse developed, followed by horrible long-COVID, I asked, “What good did they get from the shot?” I never got an answer.

We used to all know that we were vaccinated to PREVENT getting a disease. A small, usually dead, amount of the disease was in the vaccine that often resulted in mild symptoms followed by long, even lifetime, protection. The smallpox vaccine pretty much eliminated smallpox at least in the U.S. and the First World.

Did the gene-therapy j@b protect anyone from getting C-19. Uh…no! But Dr. Fauci promised us it would! AND HE’S SCIENCE!

Sensible people now recognize that Fauci is a liar, a damned liar, who benefited from all his “misinformation” with his cozy relationship with Big Pharma. He suppressed effective treatments with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and failed even to suggest taking Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 to boost immune response. Instead, he promoted the deadly drug Remdesivir which, combine with the ventilator, killed most of those put on the protocol. [See Dr. Paul Marik’s testimony here.] So why did hospitals make that bad protocol choice? Because the federal government gave a 20% bonus for Medicare patients treated with that protocol. When my sister went into the hospital I told her under no circumstances let them put her on Remdesivir and the ventilator. Check out if they try! She had them write the prohibition into her chart.

Excuse my cynicism, but why would the Feds push a deadly treatment?

Hello! Medicare is one of the most costly federal programs. Since the government stole money from the program which users paid for, it is unsustainable in the long term.


Hmm…what to do? Lightbulb moment! Encourage a treatment that will kill most of those costly, useless eater old folks.

Anyone who still believes that the government deeply cares about people is wearing blinders. Most of the global elitists who want reduced population are deeply immersed in health care, especially vaccines. What better way to get rid of lots of folks than to scare them into stretching out their arms for a weaponized shot.

It’s horrendous and deeply troubling, because this is exactly what is driving vaccine hesitancy. If you can’t know and trust what they are shooting into your body, you are unlikely to let them shoot you at all. I’ve never received a flu vaccine, and at this point I won’t get any vaccines period. I’m too aware of how they have used legitimate vaccines (tetanus) to do evil — like the tetanus vaccines used in the Third World that were tainted with HCG, the pregnancy hormone, to make women develop antibodies against their own babies. Hey, got to reduce those “people of color” who have too many children. Planned Parenthood needs help killing those black and Hispanic babies.

Do the research for yourselves, folks. The Highwire has multiple videos exposing the disastrous consequences of government policy on C-19. Dozens of videos show prestigious doctors outlining the health risks and consequences. They also have Congressman Ron Johnson’s Capitol Hill forums with impressive testimony about vax injuries, the deliberate deplatforming of doctors exposing the data that conflicts with the Fauci lies, etc.


3 thoughts on “Question for J@b True Believers: Have you done the research?”

  1. Seems like the left/globalists do a great job of getting Republicans to do what they want. We know Trump is why there are vaccines available to kill you in the US, but even if you wanted to sue, you can’t because of the PREP act, which was signed in 2005 by our boy Dubya.

    Heck, even Ted Kennedy of all people opposed the PREP act.

    Now, either these last 2 Republican presidents were stupid or they were in on the whole thing. My guess is they were in on it. 2005 was around the same time mRNA vaccine research was starting and they’d already failed with a SARS Cov1 vaccine. The wheels were in motion even then.

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