Reminder that it was the first Sunday of Advent 2020 that United Airlines shipped the first batch of covid “vaccine”

On the First Sunday of Advent, in the TLM, our Lord instructs us to look for signs in the sky…

COVID-19 vaccine distribution: United Airlines has started shipping coronavirus shot

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Sunday, November 29, 2020

CHICAGO — United Airlines has begun shipping the first batches of the COVID-19 vaccine on charter flights, a source told ABC News.

The source is familiar with the operation, according to ABC.

The Federal Aviation Administration had already given the OK for the first mass air shipment of a COVID-19 vaccine.

The FAA said it established a transport team in October to “ensure safe, expeditious and efficient transportation of vaccines.”

The agency said it is also ensuring around-the-clock air traffic services in an effort to prioritize flights carrying vaccines and personnel.

DHL will also be involved in the transportation and storage of the vaccine in various locations, a spokesman said Saturday. The delivery service would not disclose exactly where the COVID-19 vaccine would be stored.

5 thoughts on “Reminder that it was the first Sunday of Advent 2020 that United Airlines shipped the first batch of covid “vaccine””

    1. Fauci is surely an imp, a little devil. But as awful as he is, he could not approve the vaccine or order it approved. That was Donald Trump.

      Fauci works for the president. Trump, for whatever reason, never fired Fauci.

      Fauci is a distraction. He has his reward. But Donald Trump, out of either cowardice, ignorance, or malice is the reason those vaccines exist. He ordered the FDA (the FDA works under the president) to “test” and approve 3 vaccines he admitted he picked out for “EUA”. That “EUA” means that there is zero liability for Big Pharma. And he and everyone in authority in the country coerced, cajoled, seduced people into taking it.

      65-70 percent of the country got vaxxed before any Biden mandates. There couldn’t be mandates without this bioweapon in the public domain.

      It’s Trump. It’s all Trump. He took power and responsibility given to him by God and abused it. He could’ve done so much good. Now we have the swamp on steroids, a bioweapon in 84% of America, no border wall, etc.

      Fauci is odious. But he had nothing to do with this shot. Oh, and Fauci became “America’s Doctor” because of Ronald Reagan, who appointed him to be the AIDS guy in 1984. Reagan took a hands off approach to AIDS, so Fauci ran wild, promoting AZT for AIDS patients and killing them. That is on Fauci first, Reagan second.

      But since Trump did his little stupidly titled “Warp Speed” program, picked out the vaccines to use, and ordered the FDA to do this, well, here we are.

      1. If we were still a sane nation (we’re not), hundreds of people in the Federal government, big Pharma, Academia and Philanthropy would have already gone through a military tribunal and been executed – all of which broadcast on all television channels and live-streamed over the internet. God shed His Grace on thee? Hell no!

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