Last chance: Mazza University Advent Mini-Course begins TONIGHT: “APOCALYPSE NOW: THE THIRD SECRET OF FATIMA”


Mazza Advent Mini-Course

Is an Antipope Predicted? Is the Ukraine-Russia War Mentioned? Why was the Secret Suppressed? Why is it still Suppressed? Who is the “Bishop dressed in white?” When will it be released? In what will the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart consist? How can I save my family and friends?

(at the very least, give a listen to this quick preview. -nvp):

Join DR. ED MAZZA each Sunday of Advent @6pm Pacific starting Nov. 27th

Attend classes live or watch the videos anytime. Enroll by Nov 27th and the Mini-course is only $99



10 thoughts on “Last chance: Mazza University Advent Mini-Course begins TONIGHT: “APOCALYPSE NOW: THE THIRD SECRET OF FATIMA””

  1. Catholicism is one bandaid upon another. Just become Orthodox alreaady. The filoque was the beginning of heresy and you just keep trying to bind the continually gushing wound.

  2. Why secrets? Why would the Blessed Mother come with secrets? This has always bothered me about Fatima. And what was zigzagging down at the people there? some demonic thing? Something unquestionably happened — somewhere around 70,000 people saw it — but it just sounds off. Why didn’t several popes rush to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart if they truly believed it was the Blessed Mother who asked it?

    1. She came with secrets for our own good and for the good of the Church. She also gave instructions. The instructions were not followed, and here we are.

    2. Private revelations are not required to be believed the faithful. You can choose not to believe in Fatima (though the evidence there is more than overwhelming) but if you abide by the Church and Her Teachings, you have every opportunity to die in a state of grace and someday achieve the Beatific Vision. Private revelations are always declared “worthy of belief” by the Church, they are never declared dogma because the revelations of the Church ended with them death of St. John the Evangelist’s Book of the Apocalypse (aka Revelation). Any private revelation that comes up with new things that can’t be mapped back to the Sacred Scriptures and the Teachings of the Church is declared false.

      As for Fatima… If you really study the Book of Daniel and the Book of the Apocalypse, they are both terrifying. I personally think that the Third Secret of Fatima brought some of those words to vision for the three seers. And that zigzagging sun (or the “dancing sun” as it is called in the happy, clappy novus ordo), was in all probability, the sun plummeting to the earth to destroy it and then at the last minute, pulled back.

      Stay confessed because 100 years later, we deserve that ball of fire more than we did in 1917.

    3. You really need to do some research if you come to such shallow conclusions of the Fatima prophecies.

      I do however find it repulsive that this man is charging money for what he thinks about Fatima. I probably know as much if not more than he knows.

      1. He’s a professor. It’s an online course. Do you believe in slavery, or does he have a right to charge like value for services rendered?

    4. Mary was pretty upfront about one big thing that had to be done, and the Church never did it. Her Son even urged the Church to do it. By 1960 if that “one big thing” wasn’t done, there would be no hope. And it wasn’t done.

      That was the consecration of Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

      The rest is a living hell, I mean history.

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