Can anyone explain how Kari Lake lost 118K votes upballot from GOP State Treasurer winner?

Look how far down-ballot the Treasurer race appears:


h/t to Supernerd.

Most people don’t even know who their state treasurer is, right? So how come Kimberly Lee is so much more popular than Kari Lake? Did those extra 118,000 people vote for Katie Hobbs, or not vote for Governor at all? Weird, right? How can one explain this?

Here is one thing I do know: Trump is now poison. We all know the election was stolen, but it doesn’t matter. If/when Trump announces for 2024, it will be a disaster.

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  1. Yep, and everyone who now identifies with Trump is poison. And Kari Lake, who I believe is actually a Democrat in MAGA drag, lost the way she did because she was in that camp.

    Any nationalist or populist will lose anyway. I mean Ross Perot was an idiot, but he split the vote twice allowing that evil, evil man Bill Clinton to become president, because he was a nationalist. Trump is evil, and he used the rage of the American people to do the unthinkable, and he wasted it.

    The fraud is just casually accepted now. Hell, the Left isn’t even defending it. THey’re just openly taking power. We are Venezuela. About time. We’ve been using their voting machines for 20 years.

  2. Trump is “poison” because people get brainwashed by the media and the democrats. (I’m no apologist or fanboy for Trump- just a conservative Republican.) Please think…

    This is what the media and Dems do to all our candidates!

    Can you remember how popular Trump was prior to becoming a Republican? Popular TV shows, friends with celebrities…for 60+ years he was considered a pretty good guy by most people! (not perfect for sure)

    Think of the best person you know, and unleash 7 years of media bashing and false accusations. How will their reputation hold up? How would your reputation hold up?? Can you count all the things Trump has been dragged through the mud and accused of? Here’s a small sample…Russian Collusion, The phone call to Ukraine. The stealing of top secret documents, The Pee/prostitute dossier, his ego is a danger to national security, mean tweets, the whole Stormy Daniels deal, inciting the January 6th insurrection…. It just goes on and on!!

    In reality, most of Trumps official acts as president were very good! naming conservative Supreme Court Justices, (WHICH TOOK DOWN ROE V. WADE), good economy, oil independence, bringing troops home, reduction in regulations, better tax policies.

    Why does this matter? You must be very careful listening to the media and the Dems when it comes to our candidates. Their Goal is to destroy them! How long before DESANTIS is ruined? What will Kari Lake be accused of? Do you remember Dan Quayle? What do you remember about him? (Can’t spell Potato, right? Obviously a complete MORON!!) Ronald Reagan was an old senile idiot. Do you understand yet? Do you hear Bill Clinton being called POISON? Bush? Carter?

    Look now at Biden…you think he’s morally superior to Trump? How many pundits attack him on a daily basis?
    What about his son Hunter. Is he better than Trump’s children? (good measure of a man is how their children turn out)

    Please, don’t allow the media to formulate your opinions. It’s hard to defend people like Trump all the time because people do make mistakes, but at least admit to yourself WHY you’re calling Trump poison…

    1. Trump never used his power as president to fight for anything. He never fought for the wall in the 2018 CR bill. He didn’t even try. That’s when I knew he was over as a serious president. The mere fact that he hired swamp dwellers every chance he got, legalized the Covid 19 vax, made him poison to me a long time ago. He’s a con man.

      1. He did keep his promise to pro lifers. He is the only president that really did. And maybe he is a conman that really loves his country too.

      2. What? He fought so hard for the wall. He risked upsetting his base and offered to expand DACA by 2.5x in exchange for the wall, even got conned into signing the omnibus pork after Paul Ryan promised him the wall. The wall is his brand, he did everything he could and got a lot done. But it’s all useless now that Biden just leaves the border wide open.

  3. After the required time in office, initiate a recall on Hobbs. If over 50% of registered voters sign it, you’ll have your answer…

  4. Why would this make Trump poison? So many candidates in reality did extremely well to a great extent because of his endorsement. He drew huge enthusiastic crowds for them. They “lost” because of Democrat cheating just like Trump “lost” in 2020.. In a true count — they won and Trump helped them to that. The left is terrified of Trump and that’s why they’re pushing that lie.

    1. Trump is poison because he’s a big fat baby who needs to lead. I have no confidence in a man who at every misfortune cries and calls name. I was willing to accept his personality disorder IF he had built the wall, but he didn’t. ANd then he poisoned 270 million americans with his warp speed vaccine.

      The Feds don’t fear Trump. They want to make an example of him, because they want to quiet the populist rage brewing in this country.

      In reality, Trump is more swamp than some swamp dwellers.

      1. I generally agree with you on Trump, but he’s not poison in the sense that he cost candidates their races (though I did cringe at every Kari/Abe/Blake sign with “Trump Endorsed” on it). They may have been targeted specifically to put down this populist movement, but Trump didn’t cost them the votes they needed to win. Every one of those elections was blatantly stolen, shamelessly, in broad daylight by people who didn’t give a damn who saw them… Using all of the methods Trump gifted them during COVID.

        1. What I meant about Trump being poison referred to the future. Trump is done. We need to move on, if there is any hope at all.

          1. I don’t know how much hope there is at this point. Poland bombed last night will lead us into the dreaded WWIII. Sacred heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Immaculate heart of Mary,pray for us!

          2. I feel you made that clear Mark. You’re in agreement (regarding Trump) with Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, CNN, MSNBC etc. who all say he’s poison.

          3. Move on to what? DeSantis? he’s already been bought and paid for by Griffin, Schwarzman, et al. He is owned, as is every other potential candidate for POTUS except Trump. If he is so “over”, and not a threat to anyone, why are the members of the Uniparty in meltdown over his announcement? Why are they passing laws the equivalent of Bills of Attainder to try and prevent him from running? Why are they continuing to try and indict him? Strange behavior for someone who is “over” and not a threat.

            Bottom line is that there is no one else to which we may “move on”. Trump has his flaws, many of them major, but he is right now a symbol of the American Populist movement as a whole, and the only possible candidate that has the wherewithal and the ability to remain unbought. All of this talk of “kayfabe” is horsepuckey. Yeah, the man is a vulgarian. Yeah, he has an ego the size of six continents, but because of these things he also has the ability and the chutzpah to resist the warmongers in the government and the Pentagon. He has the balls to go into a meeting with auto execs from Detroit and tell them that should they move production to Mexico, he will tariff their cars at 35%. I have heard “Oh he spends too much time on Twitter responding to his critics, that’s all he does all day”. Ever stop to think that one reason he did this was because it was the only way he could connect with his base? He couldn’t get the MSM to carry many of his pressers or announcements. They wouldn’t cover his speeches. They lied about everything to do with his efforts. Everything about his efforts was hidden by Google, FaceBook and the other socialist media sites.

            Before I abandon Trump and his populist movement, tell me who we should support and why.

            And don’t hand me the crap about how the USA is so evil that it is not worth saving, and how we shouldn’t vote yada, yada. We have to live here, or at least some of us do, and unless you are willing to sacrifice everything that you have worked for, and risk your life and the lives of your children and grandchildren by picking up a rifle to change things through a counter revolution and begin an example of Yugoslavia 2.0 here in the USA, then the only option we have is to change things through politics. The only person with the ability to do that and battle the oligarchs who control the political system is the one person not beholden to them, and that is Trump, like him or hate him.

          4. They’ll make anyone effective poison. The biggest poison of all is Trump because he’s the most effective.

  5. People are actually using this as evidence that they DIDN’T cheat. People ostensibly on our side, saying “If they were stealing elections, why wouldn’t they steal them all?”

    This is how far gone things are. One side has absolutely no conscience, including the voters who know their party cheats and loves them for it. The other side refuses to acknowledge it, out of either blinding normalcy bias, or a crippling fear of being called an “election denier” by the people stealing elections.

    There is no way out of this. And whatever time we have left before it gets hellish is very short.

  6. We’ve got to stop seeing politicians as messianic figures who can save us. They can’t and they won’t. Christ is our King, period. You can work with what you have in this US valley of tears and it’s corrupt, freemasonic, one-party system with an illusion of two-party, but until we as a nation accept Christ as our King, things will not improve. So on that note… stay confessed and focused on what is Above.

  7. Trump is unelectable. He has too much baggage and is violently hated by so many. I think that he would be assassinated before he could even accept the office again.

  8. Before all of you condemn Trump and say that he is “over”, and “poison” and the he will be a “disaster” if he runs, go here and read and comprehend this:

    Then get back to me on exactly whom we should support. I’m all ears. DeSantis? He’s bought and paid for by Griffin, Scharzman, Murdoch, et al. So is every other “viable” and “electable” candidate that these oligarchs might choose.

    If he is so “over” why is the Uniparty and their sycophants in the press so concerned about his announcement? Why is Congress trying to pass laws amounting to Bills of Attainder to keep him from running? Why are they still trying to indict him? Why do this if he is no threat? And don’t hand me the “kayfabe” BS about how he is part of the big show.

    Tell me who we should support. Who has the wherewithal to remain unbought?

    The bottom line is that Donald J. Trump is the only one who can go against the oligarchs who have purchased the political system. Yes, he has flaws, major flaws. He is a vulgarian. He has an ego larger than six continents, but that is also the reason that he has the chutzpah to resist the neocons and the Pentagon in their eternal war efforts. It is why he has the balls to tell auto execs in Detroit that he will tariff their products at 35% should they move production to Mexico. He is literally the only politician in either “party” who will try and defend the rapidly disappearing middle class in this country.

    So unless you are ready and willing to pick up a rifle and risk your life and everything that you have worked for, as well as the lives and futures of your children and grandchildren in a counter revolution that will resemble Yugoslavia 2.0, then the political system that we have is the only alternative, and the only candidate that has a scintilla of interest in the actual people of this country is Trump, like him or hate him.

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