Raising Arizona

We ain’t done yet, folks! Counting, that is. Because it always takes a week to count the votes, and if you say otherwise, you are a violent insurrectionist.

The results for Governor are impossible to be true, unless every Independent went for Hobbs.

But have a look at the following Congressional race:

We had redistricting this year, so each of the Congressional districts have a somewhat different geography than before. This population of this district is mainly wealthy conservatives in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. Schweikert is a popular five-term incumbent, and the district has been in GOP hands for 30 straight years.

Was it Biden’s handling of the economy, or something else, that propelled Jevin Hodge, who has never held elected office, to a statistical tie in this race?

70% voter turnout… okay. Nothing to see here.

5 thoughts on “Raising Arizona”

  1. And what are we going to do about it all?? Cower in front of our teevees that’s what. Deep state knows our balls our gone. But at some point we must retrieve them from wherever they are.

  2. Bergoglio’s Pacahama unboxing in 2019 did more than just kill people, it opened up ever facet of tyranny in the world. I mean we had the BLM riots, mass protests, fraudulent elections, Soros-baked DAs letting criminals across the country go free. Mass fear, confusion, and resignation.

    In retrospect, Trump was part of this. If you think about it, he never really fought himself for anything. He had his supporters do it. And when people counted on him on the wall, he failed. And when people counted on him to lead during Covid 19, he failed and readily accepted and approved the C19 vaccines.

    Now all the people inspired by Trump, which used to be just normal people who recognized that this place was so much better than anywhere else, are being defeated in election after election. And no one cares.

    Maybe the fact that the vaccine causes docility is the reason. Maybe people are tired of fighting, given the complete removal of their baseline reality over the past 3 years. Maybe people are indeed tired of being led by Trump the pied piper into the desert.

    When the TEA party came, the Republican mainstream crushed it. These same people supported the MAGA movement. We won’t go away. But it may not matter anymore.

    1. fighting got redefined as voting and whining. so people are still fighting. cast ballot, say “waaaa!” see, they’re fighting.

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