Thinking that elections should be decided on election night is dangerous misinformation and a threat to democracy

As I post this, 9am Thursday, Arizona is still left with 30% of the vote uncounted. And if you think that’s not normal, you are a violent insurrectionist according to an AP article with no byline, okay? -nvp

Post-election misinformation targets Arizona, Pennsylvania

One claim focused on misleading explanations for the time it takes to count votes
Posted at 4:51 AM, Nov 10, 2022

The video on Fox News showed a Wisconsin poll worker initialing ballots before they were given to voters. It’s normal procedure on Election Day.

On Tuesday someone posted the clip to social media and claimed instead that it showed a Philadelphia election worker doctoring ballots…

It’s an example of Election Day misinformation that reveals how misleading claims emerge and travel, and how innocent events can be spun into the latest viral election hoax. It also shows the kind of baseless rumors and conspiracy theories that were reverberating around the internet Wednesday as candidates and far-right influencers sought to explain away losses and closer-than-expected races.

Maricopa County remained the epicenter of election misinformation Wednesday after problems with voter tabulation machines in that Arizona county spawned conspiracy theories about vote rigging. The claims spread despite explanations from local officials — including ones from both parties — and assurances that all votes would be counted.

In Pennsylvania, a woman who said she was a poll worker on a QAnon message board claimed ballot counting had ended, and that delays in vote counting are a smoke screen to cover fraud. That example was identified by the SITE Intelligence Group, a firm that monitors misinformation and extremism.

The U.S. has a long history of political races that weren’t settled on Election Day…

In the weeks before Nov. 8, election officials, voting advocates and misinformation researchers closely monitored social media content, given the role that misleading claims about voter fraud played in the deadly Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Misinformation about elections has also been blamed for deepening political divides and even an increased threat of political violence. In some cases Tuesday, conspiracy theories about election fraud prompted violent threats, particularly on fringe platforms and websites popular with far-right groups…

One of the most harmful aspects of misinformation about voting and elections is that it can erode faith in democracy itself.

6 thoughts on “Thinking that elections should be decided on election night is dangerous misinformation and a threat to democracy”

  1. As I heard Newt Gingrich say today, France and Brazil counted their votes in one day. The U.S. can’t? (Of course, it could, if it wanted to.)

  2. It’s about collecting ballots , not votes. Massive amounts of collected ballots fraudulently filled allow for the win. And it takes time to finesse it. So you have early voting, dumps, drops, mail in votes.

    My grandmother voted in person until she couldn’t anymore. She was 91 and I held her hand as she filled out her last in person ballot in 2013. She even had a voter ID, despite the fact she had never driven in her entire life. She took voting seriously and respected the law. And then she voted absentee the last 5 years of her life.

    Unless you’re like my grandmother, in the military, sick, or prevented by some act of God from voting, you need to show up, vote on a piece of paper and have it counted by hand. No electronics.

    To review: Covid 19 “mail in policies” created “ballot harvesting”, which is fraud, electronic voting machines are fraudulent by design, and voter IDs are opposed because they make it much harder to cheat. (Note: when we overthrew Iraq and installed a democracy, all voters had to vote with a thumbprint and then voter IDs. Much more secure than what we have!).

    Trump had a glorious chance to change things. I knew he only had one term. But he failed during the term, and then he gave us all the vaccine. So he’s done, and because he’s done, the uniparty are clinking champagne glasses. Because DeSantis is backed by Wall Street and Paul Ryan. Happy days are here again, and the country is over.

  3. The final countdown for the United States as a unified country has been shown here in this farce. The physical disintegration of the country down the road, it is now happening. You did your civic duty by voting, but a paralysis of a political system and governance, with huge segments of the American society being in favor of a complete destruction of their own country, which cannot exist as a unified nation.


    1. That’s what the Chinese are waiting for. Once we collapse and start eating out of garbage cans, they’ll swoop in to take over whoever’s left.
      Dark days ahead. But the light is that many great saints will arise from the ashes.

  4. Heaven is our true home. I hope that millions across this country who have followed the false religion of Americanism will wake up and start to meditate upon our true home – it’s always a good thing to meditate upon when reciting the Second Glorious Mystery of the Rosary.

    1. No one that votes on the right believes in what you call “Americanism”. Most of them are Christians, most of them know that heaven is our home. We also realize, however, that the system we had was better than most. I get so tired of this “false religion of Americanism” stuff. What about the false religion of “Europeanism”? You want to talk about far gone. What about China and their “China dream” about making the world like China?

      No one I know who votes on the right worships America, believes in “America as exceptional”. We just realize that we were (WERE) in a decent political system and are thankful for what that provided us. Donald Trump’s rise was not because of Trump. It was because we liked what he promised: a wall, no unnecessary wars, a smaller budget, economic independence. Those are good things. Those are Christian things. We gave him a chance because we knew darn well that no one else was reliable.

      Yes, Donald Trump wasn’t our guy in the end. I knew it in 2018 when he balked on the wall. And then he did the most evil thing in history, he authorized the C19 vaccine. He should be in prison for the rest of his life for this.
      Whether he was stupid or in on it is a debate I can’t resolve. But most Americans know there is nowhere else to go while we are here on earth if we end up like Venezuela. God blessed us immensely, and we are trying to preserve that.

      “Americanism” is a traditional Catholic slur because this country wasn’t founded as a Catholic nation. Well then, what went wrong in Mexico? France? Spain? Monaco? Italy? Those countries are just as degenerate as the US. Most of them animated by communist ideas.

      We’re all just trying to survive. All good things come from God, no matter what form of government we happen to live under.

      Heaven is our home, yes. We have to get through this life first. Americans are smart enough to realize that the last 100 years in America are an aberration. Most of the time humanity is miserable, there is no freedom. Why should we not pray to keep those blessings?

      Seems like some trads have the same view as the globalists/communists: a hatred of the USA. Let’s try and get some perspective. If heaven is our home, traditional Catholics should not favor/hate any political system or country, but simply oppose evil wherever it is .

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