400,000 votes still not counted in Maricopa County, officials hope they can get around to it by Friday

NB: We have had secure mail-in voting in Arizona for over 20 years. It wasn’t invented during covid to ensure The Steal as was done in many other swing states, and in many cases in violation of those state’s constitutions. In AZ, there is a signature-verification feature, it is very securely processed through USPS (no drop boxes for stuffing, except for a few heavily monitored ones)… and 70% of all votes are cast this way. If instead you vote at the polls on election day, ID is required, and ID checkers from both parties are present. There was never any problem with election integrity before 2020, and results were always known within hours of the polls closing. Lastly, have I mentioned that Katie Hobbs was never made to resign as Secretary of State, nor did she offer to resign her post, as decorum and propriety are so old and unwoke. Katie aside, I have total faith in this dude to ensure election integrity. -nvp

400,000 votes left to be counted in Maricopa County; officials hopeful to have results by Friday

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer addressed the media on Wednesday morning.
Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer addressed the media on Wednesday morning.(Arizona’s Family)
Published: Nov. 9, 2022 at 10:34 AM MST|Updated: 1 hour ago

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Vote counting continued early Wednesday morning as many top-ticket races in Arizona remain too close to call.

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer and County Supervisor Bill Gates joined reporters for an update just after 9 a.m. In that news conference, election officials stressed the record number of early ballots dropped on Election Day. More than 1.1 million ballots have already been entered. In total, about 400,000 ballots are left to be counted in Arizona’s most populated county. That’s a number that could swing several key races, including the heated gubernatorial race, which has narrowed in recent hours…


11 thoughts on “400,000 votes still not counted in Maricopa County, officials hope they can get around to it by Friday”

  1. Wanna know why Katie Hobbes never wanted to debate? SHe knew it didn’t matter. That’s why Biden ran his campaign from home in 2020. And it’s why Fettermen didn’t care. If you listen closely they’ll tell you it’s all rigged. They can’t help it. It’s duping delight.

    You have voting machines hooked up to Chinese, Canadian, and Spanish countries. You have drop boxes. You have ballot harvesting. You have mail ins.

    In Az the fraud is in all those ballots they were going to “count later” when the machines were back up.

    I wasn’t hopeful yesterday. I figured one house would go to the Repubs because that gives the impression of a “divided” country , and it makes our government look legit. Of course it isn’t.

    Biden and the Dems serve Satan. ANd I have no confidence the Repubs will stop it (indeed, the mainstream GOP believe the whole nationalistic movement started with Trump is over).

    1. I wish I could offer up a hopium rebuttal but I can’t. The results of the “election” turned out pretty much how I expected. To me though, the most sickening thing about this morning was reading that the voters in California, Michigan and Vermont, voted in favor of legalizing abortion all the way up to the time of delivery. God shed His grace on thee? Oh no, absolutely not!

      Death to freemasonry and its rotten fruits — including the false religion of Americanism. Chris the King now and forever!

      1. Just remember, western European countries aren’t about “Americanism”, and they fell off the moral radar a very, very long time ago. Luther came from Germany, all of the horrific ideas since him came from Germany, including communism.

        Freemasonry is Satanic, but so are The Errors of Russia. They are synergistic. Consider that Freemasonry coexists in the same sphere as The Frankfurt School, the London School of Economics, etc. In the US what is killing the country is NOT the way we were founded but what we allowed in.

        An elected “Catholic Monarchy” sounds like a great idea, until you look around at most Catholics. What would be the difference between, say, Joe Biden and an elected Catholic monarch in the US? Most Catholics in the US love abortion. That “hispanic wave” we were expecting didn’t happen. Hispanics are mostly Catholic and they’ve been voting for the pro baby killer party for generations. Why? They give out the freebies.

        Even the Vatican, a Catholic monarchy, is a cess pool.

        There is no perfect form of government. THere never has been. Just constant conflict.

        1. You cannot base a Catholic monarchy on the VII Church and it’s false popes. A true Catholic monarchy would have to hold to the Catholic faith whole and entire, including the teaching on the papacy.

          1. Well, Debbie, Idk how to tell you this, but VII has been around for 60 years. And even before Vatican 2 over the preceding 2000 years there were awful Catholic kings, awful popes that did awful things. They professed to hold the Catholic faith, and they didn’t.

            If you look at Jewish history, and then Catholic history, it appears that human beings have a problem listening to God and being faithful. Yes, a “TRUE” Catholic monarchy would hold the Catholic faith whole and entire, but you’re talking about a world that doesn’t exist- a perfect world. This is why we have confession.

            The reality is that any system of government put on this earth will be imperfect, will be taken over by immoral people, or the power will make them immoral, and it all takes a lot of work. A ton of work, actually.

            The US was founded mostly by freemasons, this is true. But it was populated and animated largely by protestant Christians. This upsets a lot of the trads, but you know it sure beat the heck out of “Catholic” countries like France, Spain, and most of Latin America. Up until around Woodrow Wilson and then communism and the “errors of Russia”, this country had a Christian character. More so than any other country. Even if it wasn’t Catholic.

            I’ll put it another way. I am grateful to God that at age 47 I grew up in the United States of America, even with all of its problems, than if I grew up in Mexico, a 90 percent Catholic country, or France.

            There is no perfect government. History shows this, as we’ve wrestled with awful popes since day 1.

          2. Jmy1975, before I comment further, could you explain what you mean by this? “History shows this, as we’ve wrestled with awful popes since day 1.” Thanks

  2. “The reality is that any system of government put on this earth will be imperfect, will be taken over by immoral people, or the power will make them immoral, and it all takes a lot of work. A ton of work, actually.”

    Thank you for the reminder, jm. I know I often fall for the hopium that “things will return to normal”. But really in this vale of tears we are always being tested. We aren’t supposed to just coast from one diversion to the next.

    1. Things are so bad, that everything we say to try and cope sounds glib. We are in awful, awful times. Every day it seems that things get worse. And for me, with some stuff I”m going through here at home, my faith is almost non-existent. But I do know this. Thing became spiritually oppressive in the world around the same time the sex-trafficking, gay, false pope named Bergoglio consecrated a demon in the Vatican.

      I hate him. And yes, that’s not Catholic. But I do.

      1. I agree that the idol worship in the Vatican has profoundly shaped what we are going through, I beg you though not to let him cost you your soul. I don’t like him but I pray for him. We can do it for God’s sake.

        Your comment above has been a help to me remember there was never the time the Church hasn’t had to struggle. That makes the current goings on less daunting.

  3. Debbie Douglas, we’ve had bad popes. We’ve had popes that acted very non-Catholic. I mean, Paul VI was awful. The popes are elected. I’m not sure what else I have to say. Men who are given the faith, fail in the faith. All the time. The papacy is basically a Catholic monarchy. Am I taking crazy pills?

    Jesus recognized we’d have bad popes. Imperfect popes. That’s why he rebuked Peter, it’s why Peter denied Christ, and it’s why Paul corrected Peter. When people fail, and we all fail, we ask for forgiveness.

    You’re saying a “TRUE” Catholic monarchy would be so great. Yes it would. But if the Vicar of Christ can’t always get it right, what do you think about a Catholic monarch elected from the masses?

    1. Jmy1975, I’m sorry to read that your faith is almost non-existent. I hope you’re at least going to Mass, confession and receiving Holy Communion…..sorta sounds like you’re not though. I’ll pray for you.

      All your objections and erroneous opinions regarding the popes/papacy can be explained and soundly refuted at Novusordowatch.org. And if he (Mario Derksen) hasn’t written extensively on a topic, he links to those who have.

      To believe the post conciliar “popes” can do what they’ve done destroys the Church’s perennial teachings on the papacy and will lead souls to “a practical non-existence of faith”…and eventually no faith at all (Steve Skojak).

      Just ask yourself, if a true pope can do and teach what these imposters have done and taught these past 6 decades, what in heck is the point of the papacy?

      Lastly, and I’m sorry to be so blunt, why would anyone listen and take to heart anything from a Catholic who self-professes to have practically a non-existent faith?

      Best of luck to you.

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