5 thoughts on “The war is so much closer than you think”

  1. Very soon I’m going to have to further shrink my social circle. Or have none at all. Only family share the same values. That being said I have not been pressured to vax my kids by non- Catholic friends or neighbors. Yet.

  2. This is the most chilling headline I’ve seen in a long time. Let me guess… the Washington Compost is encouraging yes?

    1. The answer isnt the problem. This is just as bad as someone asking the best way to bury a body after killing someone or the best knots to use when tying up your prisoners. The response is irrelevant.

      But just so we are fair to the Compost, the advices was:
      “What you’re suggesting is reckless, egregious and possibly even criminal. Forty-three states require a parent’s permission to vaccinate a child. The age where parental consent is no longer necessary depends on the state, and ranges between 15 and 18. But these laws are for teenagers who wish to get vaccinated, not adults who want to sneak their friends’ babies to the clinic.”

  3. I work “inside the beltway”. One issue is the difference between the “inside the beltway” and regular American culture. They live in their own echo chamber which they mistake for every day life. For example a coworker recently went to the Delaware coast, not exactly a conservative bastion -sort of middle of the road politically. She was shocked to see all the maskless folks in the heart of Bidenville. So maybe the key is just building community as we can. Part of the plan is to divide and atomize people.

    FWIW, I was vocal right from the start ithat the jab regime was madness from the start the plandemic to my inside the beltway parish. Now the genuine epidemiologists are being proved correct. The virus is becoming less pathogenic. The risk of the vaccine is greater than the risk of the disease for healthy folk. The demand for jabs has plummeted. Hopefully people will remember the tall-tails of Dr. Fauci when the next infectious disease panic is rolled out.

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