Two minutes of fake news on new Italian PM from the CBS Evening “News”

She stands for family, traditional parenthood, patriotism, and Christianity. Against NWO, consumerism, BigTechDataMSM. She railed against Covidian lockdowns. Of course they hate her! Requisite Mussolini montage included!

7 thoughts on “Two minutes of fake news on new Italian PM from the CBS Evening “News””

  1. I wish I could agree with this analysis, but I live in Italy, and I am afraid the signs are abundant that Meloni is nothing better than a gatekeeper. She was practically silent for the entirety of Italy’s (exceptionally harsh) “anti-covid” measures; she never once spoke a critical word against the “Green Pass” (Italy’s health passport); and all of her once-promising rhetoric against the growing crypto-tyranny of the European Union and the broader NWO has mysteriously dissolved over the course of the past few years. (I leave it to the reader’s conjecture whether or not this has any connection to her 2021 membership in the Gates- and Rockefeller-funded Aspen Institute.)

    For the past three years, she has been, together with Matteo Salvini, the principle mouthpiece for Italy’s opposition parties, which makes it all the more unconscionable that she should have lent such tacit support to the prime agendas of the ruling coalition during their continued dismantlement of Italian democracy.

    I suspect we will see many articles attacking Meloni in coming months, even as she does nothing decisive to change the status quo. I sincerely hope future events prove me spectacularly wrong, but for the moment, I believe that a degree of caution is advisable before expressing any optimism about the results of this election.

  2. Whether she’s for real or not, I don’t know. I hope so. The point is though, if they hate her for what she says she believes, then they hate us too.

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