6 thoughts on “Rejecting Dogmatic Rigidity is the Mark of the Antichurch”

  1. Every single traditional bishop and priest knows this. Why oh why if they cannot accept the sede position, are they not at least BiP? There should by now be a decent percentage of BiP prelates. Somethin ain’t right.

  2. They can’t tell difference between the real pope and one who just plays him on TV.
    Dr Kwasniewski on marks of antichurch:
    Dogmatic undogmatism, rigid laxism and exclusive inclusiveness.

  3. As long as they keep insisting that he is definitely pope, his actions will lead people to think Catholicism is a lie. By avoiding schism they are promoting schism.

  4. And on that note…
    Document saying God wills ‘differences in religion’ was quietly changed just hours after Pope signed it
    READ: Full statement saying Pope Francis’ teaching on Holy Communion already condemned by Council of Trent
    Bishops, priests and scholars correct Pope Francis’ statement on Holy Communion
    The man is getting very obvious things wrong. When will the delusion end and the bishops and Catholic “Experts” Coalition finally realize he is an open apostate?

  5. Mark – I’d love to get that quote from Pius XII. I’m only finding:
    “It so happens that the accusation of oppressive rigidity made against the Church by the ‘new morality,’ in reality, attacks, in the first place, the adorable Person of Christ Himself.”
    – La famiglia, Radio Message on the Occasion of ‘Family Day’, March 23, 1952

    I understand the meaning is the same and perhaps it is translation, but if there’s a different direct quote regarding false prophets, I’d love if you would share. Many thanks for your work here.

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