9/11 in ten minutes, for those who missed it

One-third of Millennials, all of Gen Z, and all of Gen A, have no memory of this day. Be sure to fill them in.

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  1. For many years I was willing to accept the official story according to which it was “simply” a terrorist attack, even if committed by a group that had initially been funded by the CIA. Today, however, I am convinced that it was a satanic megaritual executed by MKUltra patsies ultimately answerable to luciferian secret societies behind the CIA and other Deep State structures. They have to routinely execute these kinds of feats in order to increase satan’s dominion over this fallen world. Notice how things have almost immediately taken a turn for the worse following this event – in every field, not just politics. The same goes for the Pachamama debacle that inaugurated the Chinese flu circus – or, for that matter, for the Vatican II debacle that inaugurated the “sexual revolution”. As we approach the public revelation of the Antichrist, these kinds of events have to be increasingly blatant and global in scope if mankind is to fall almost completely under the spell of the Great Deception – and so far this is precisely what has been happening. Let us remain steadfastly in the final Remnant that is fully aware of the nature of such machinations and impervious to the smoke and stench of unreality spread by the ultaimte loser and his minions. Christ be with you.

    1. The story of how a hijacker’s passport was found in the rubble or alternatively down the street stretches credibility. After the scamdemic there is no doubt in my mind that the governments are capable of massively big lies.
      Even less people know of WTC7.

  2. First: We ought to pray for those poor souls who died on that day, and due to the events that followed; we are also commanded to pray for our enemies, including those, internal and external, who ordered and perpetrated the attack.
    Second – I don’t particularly want to dissect and rehash the whole incident, especially on this day – it seems rather gauche – but I think we need to. So we know what to tell those who were not here to experience this terrible day.
    What do we know?
    1) Thousands of people died in NY, and almost certainly dozens to hundreds elsewhere on that day.
    2) At least some part of our government knew the attack was coming. It is possible that only a small part of some of the TLAs knew, or the conspiracy could have gone all the way up to the Office of the President.
    3) Mossad 100% knew what was going to happen, and several agents could not resist putting themselves into a position to see – and celebrate – the event. The results of their handiwork? Unknown.
    3a) Jewish persons, probably Mossad collaborators, could not resist profiting off the scheduled event; or else they were ordered to do so.
    4) The Two Towers were probably, but not certainly, struck by the two jetliners. These jetliners may or may not have been piloted by Al-Qaueda jihadis; probably so. It is also possible, but far from certain, that they might have been remote-controlled. Mossad?
    5) The Two Towers collapsed, killing a great many souls.
    5a) The results of the collapse look oddly like a controlled demolition; the towers fell STRAIGHT DOWN, which is not commonly seen among structures that collapse un-evenly, that is, naturally.
    5b) Please note that I am not saying JeT fUeL cAn’T mElT sTeEl BeAmS or anything of the sort. Weird things happen in disaster scenarios and even normal fires can have their temperature fluctuate wildly based on, e.g., draw patterns. I am saying that the collapse “looks weird” and it takes place in a scenario that is already really “weird”.
    6) It is worth noting that a great deal of forensic evidence was destroyed post collapse. That this destruction was deliberate and planned seems… likely.
    7) WTC 7, OTOH, was 100% full-stop control-demo’ed. Probably using demo charges built into the structure itself, rather than externally placed. The TLAs for some reason NEEDED to destroy their data that was being housed in WTC 7.
    7a) The very fact that the TLAs were housing data in WTC 7 and then scrambled to destroy it suggests to me that it was not related directly to the 09-11 attacks.
    7b) Again OTOH, housing data related to a false-flag attack “on site” would be just the level of incompetence we have come to expect from some of our adversaries.
    8) The Pentagon was hit by – something. But if the Pentagon was hit by an airplane, that airplane promptly evaporated into thin air.
    8a) Camera footage exists that seems to show something that is not a plane striking the Pentagon. A missile?
    9) Speaking of jetliners evaporating into thin air, what about that United 93?
    9a) The most reasonable explanation for all of the events surrounding United 93 that I have heard is that it was actually shot down and came apart, violently, in midair over Shanksville. “Reasonable”, however, is not the same as true.
    “The only thing we know for sure is not true is the official story.” (Thanks VD!)
    Since, despite everything, I have an enduring soft spot for Dubya, I will tell you what I believe about his involvement with 0 proof whatsoever.
    I believe that Dubya was looking for a pretext to go to war in the mideast. He approached or was approached by someone in or connected to the various TLAs and was told “We’ll have your provocation ready in mid-September. Best if you don’t know the details – this is a deniable operation.”
    When 09-11 actually happened, I believe he was extremely shaken, but committed to his course of action. But he has continued to meet the servicemen whenever they return to Texas, from his leaving office to now… and I think he’s doing it as a from of penance. Perhaps not enough, but something.
    I pray for him, like Trump. As the saying goes, “not as I believe him to be, but as he really is.”
    If anyone has a good source for more information about 09-11, that would be appreciated. Especially if they were more interested in the evidence then in their pet theories.

  3. I think that a huge problem with 9/11 conspiracy theorists, and those who “debunk” their claims is that they both don’t understand the question(s).
    Asking questions is good thing. Scratch that, it is a GREAT thing! Our Lord never said, “That’s a stupid question.” Nicodemus asked Our Lord a question, (“How can a man be born again?”) and He explained things to him.
    Not listening to the answer to the question you ask is not a good thing.
    I would take things a step further up the “philosophical ladder” (People hate it when academics do this…) and I would say that both sides don’t understand that the question that’s being asked isn’t what is actually being asked, and both side don’t know it.
    A simplified example about 9/11:
    Person A: “Jet fuel cannot melt steel!”
    Person B: “It isn’t just jet fuel, it’s all the other office supplies burning, and it isn’t melting steel, it just has to weaken it enough to not support the weight of the building above, to eventually cause the building to collapse.”
    Both people above are going to be frustrated with the other person. One side thinks they’ve debunked their ridiculous claim and the matter is settled, the other side thinks their claim hasn’t been addressed whatsoever.
    What person A above should’ve said is: “There is footage from 9/11 of the Twin Towers of a bright material that appears to be melted or melting metal that is dripping, what’s going on with that?”
    Even I think there are a lot of questions about 9/11 that are not being answered and there are a lot of very “shady” things about that day (the passport mentioned above just being one of them) which probably we’ll never know in this life.

    1. Funny how both of us jumped straight to the Jet Fuel claim… I’m sure that no few of the 9-11 truthers, just like many of the flat-earther “leaders”, are government plants. As you yourself asked – will any of us who seek truth ever find it in this life? Probably not. But we can rule out certain errors.

    2. Immediately after, TV footage actually showed steel beams sticking up out of the rubble that had been cut on the diagonal, something that controlled demo experts do with shape charges so the structure slides straight down. Firefighters reported hearing the sequential “booms”. Very quickly, as soon as it could be loaded up, that steel was shipped to China. Responders would not have cut beams diagonally, they would have cut straight across to be efficient and quick. Those buildings were almost certainly imploded. Flying aircraft of some type hit the towers, but were probably drones of some kind, or remote controlled. A missile struck the Pentagon, almost certainly, and no video footage has been revealed that shows an airliner. Even if not an inside job false flag, the massive failure on the part of government, the military, and all intel agencies to prevent and respond to this in a timely manner reveals a level of incompetence that is mind-boggling. No critical thinker is buying the Official pack of lies. They wanted an attack on America to instigate war in the Middle East, which the zionist Neocons had been drooling for for a decade. So they created one. I recommend “9/11:The New Pearl Harbor”, available on Youtube.

    1. As is the video analysis at September Clues. “The Thinking Housewife” has a series of short videos immediately after the “attacks” where media people are saying there was no evidence of a plane hitting the Pentagon.

  4. Another bit of evidence. I believe it was Condoleezza Rice said after “who would of thought of using planes as weapons?” meanwhile the Pentagon was doing gaming with just such a scenario. I liked Justin Ramaindo’s term calling post 9/11 time period “Bizarro World”. A time when the government used fear on citizens to
    trade more liberty for “safety” and bomb countries convenient for our best Ally ever.

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