9 thoughts on “The feeling is mutual”

  1. I’m hoping DFlanders comment was tongue-in-cheek. Otherwise this reminds me of the liberal who wasn’t sure he should say thanks to his conservative neighbor who shoveled out his driveway after a snowstorm. As for me, I avoid blue states because with my pro-life license plate I’m libel to be surrounds with screaming pro-aborts smashing the windows and jumping up on the hood before they drag me out and pummel me to death.

  2. At least they’re consistent and not indifferent. They’re wrong of course…..
    I tell my protestant friends that if they truly believed in their faith and the men who started their “churches” AND they loved me, they would try to convert me. Prots by definition are supposed to be anti-Catholic.

  3. Verbal vomits her feelings on social media, throwing husband under the bus. Seeking validation from strangers. She sounds peachy. Yikes.

  4. As someone who lives in a city bluer than the Adriatic Sea, I can tell you that it’s because of voters like this that our cities are seeing out of control crime rates and societal breakdown. Nothing is more dangerous than a self-hating white liberal that’s registered to vote.

  5. Dear California Plates,
    Heed this advice. You’re not safe here. Turn back before it’s too late.
    Warmest regards.

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