Biden declares Sodom Pox a national emergency

Shouldn’t Buttigieg be in charge of the butt bug defense team?

Biden administration declares monkeypox a public health emergency

WASHINGTON — Amid growing calls from health officials across the country, the Biden administration declared the current monkeypox outbreak to be a public health emergency in the U.S. on Thursday afternoon.

The declaration, which was made by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, comes a little less than two weeks after the World Health Organization designated the outbreak an emergency of international concern.

By issuing a declaration, HHS will be able to take a series of actions including accessing funds set aside for such an emergency as well as appointing personnel to positions directly responding to the emergency. It also gives Health Secretary Xavier Becerra significant flexibility to bend federal rules or waive requirements on government health programs like Medicaid, Medicare and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

“We are prepared to take our response to the next level,” Becerra said on a media call Thursday. “And I ask each American to take monkeypox seriously.”

6 thoughts on “Biden declares Sodom Pox a national emergency”

  1. Don’t engage in sodomy. Voila! I just discovered the cure for monkey pox. Hate crime police, by definition of today’s hate crimes, what I just said is a felony. Come get me rat bastards.

  2. It’ll be interesting to watch the liberals try to navigate this one. They for sure won’t want to criticize sodomitical behavior. But to stop the spread, they will have to discourage sodomitical behavior. It’s as if nature is trying to rid itself of unnatural things…

  3. On the contrary ‘they’ will never criticize or discourage s*d*my. They didn’t with AIDS, they haven’t all summer with Kinkypox. It’s the same playbook as AIDS and covid, equal opportunity risk and risk management for social control. If they had wanted to stop or mitigate covid, they would have advocated for prophylaxis protocols and early at-home treatments. They would have encouraged young, healthy people to go about freely whilst protecting the elderly and infirm until we had a herd of immune persons to shield them. Instead, everyone, even children, were forced to act as if we were all equally sick and at risk of dying. With covid, stopping the spread was and is not the goal. The goal was to create or allow a crisis and then step in to solve it with more controls. They will do the same here if they can get away with it.

  4. To make it “equal” watch for lockdowns come fall. Shutdown of schools again. They will never admit sodomy is the cause of all this. Masking and backing for it too. They’d rather have economic and societal collapse than admit their wrong.

  5. Be careful with this one. They went very hard pushing the gay narrative for monkeypox. Which is strange since they usually like to keep EVERYONE fearful. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a variant ready to go that infects everyone, so it looks like many more people have gay sex. THAT is the ultimate agenda and yes they are that diabolical.

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