One thought on “Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us”

  1. Yes, but the promise needs to be properly understood in its full context. Most people who wear the scapular are aware of all the conditions:
    In full here:
    In summary:
    The promise to release the soul from Purgatory the Saturday after his death
    Nonetheless, it should be stressed that one cannot avoid eternal damnation by the mere wearing of the scapular. The faithful Catholic must fulfill the obligations of a Catholic life. But Catholics who wear the brown scapular, in addition to receiving the graces available to all the faithful, receive fortification from the special protection of the Mother of God so that they might attain their salvation.
    To receive the Sabbatine privilege, one must daily recite the Little Office of the Virgin Mary, fast on Wednesdays and Saturdays and practice chastity in accordance with one’s state in life.
    The first two practices may be substituted with the praying of the Rosary by a priest authorized to invest a person with the brown scapular, which is usually done right after the ceremony. …”
    So … ask your pastor to substitute Little Office and fasting with daily Rosary if you need to.

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