ICKSP Chicago: Speak now, or forever hold your peace


Alternate ending: Instead of reading out the eviction notice from the pulpit tomorrow, explain to the faithful that an unjust law is no law at all. Explain how unlawful authority is no authority at all. Explain how an apostate prelate, who was given the red hat by an apostate Antipope leader of the antichurch… well, you get the picture.

Or how about just a simple statement like,

“Significant irregularities have been uncovered regarding the events of Feb-Mar 2013, involving the purported resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the subsequent conclave, for which a canonical investigation must be convoked.”

What have you got to lose?

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  1. Bravo Mr. Docerty. What Cupich is doing to the ICK is an omen of what’s to come for the greater Ecclesiae Dei communities. Will they and their faithful take it, under the effeminacy of (false) obedience, or will they stand up and fight? Like you said, what do they have to lose?

  2. YES YES YES!!! Alternate ending, PLEASE!!
    (I do believe that the laity would have your back. This would be a holy exercise in which all were invested, in the full sense of the word. It would be an excellent example for the rest of us, should the forces of hell decide to give it another try elsewhere. )

  3. The salvation of souls is the number one law of the Church. If this directive somehow impedes the work of saving souls, can it be of God? Furthermore, not being a theologian or canon lawyer, I can, however, point out that idolatry is a sin; actually a sin against the First Commandment. It appears that a sin against the First Commandment was committed by Pope Francis and those Bishops who participated in the veneration and enthronement of the Pachamama idol which was confirmed by Francis, himself, to be a demon. This would, therefore, be a public manifestation of apostasy by those involved. If I am mistaken, I cordially ask for an explanation of the circumstances that appeared to be worship of an idol that occured in St. Peter’s in Rome.

  4. Prayers for the canons, and the laity. I’m thinking all the monies raised to repair and restore the Churches should be used to sustain the canons…..if that’s possible. I know the Institute has raised millions here in Detroit for St. Joseph’s Shrine. It never did sit right with me to raise all that money when the Churches and property still belongs to the dioceses.

  5. If they made such an announcement, it would be epic. I’m not going to hold my breath though. Sadly the majority of Catholics would rather die than even THINK that bergoglio might not be Pope.
    With the likes Cupich, and others, it is really hard to counter the arguments coming from both extreme Protestants and extreme Orthodox.
    BOTH sides can simply point to pachamamma and just stand there quietly. But they keep going…
    “If this is what these Roman Papists do in the full light of day, what are they doing behind closed doors?” (Which is actually a VERY GOOD question, and even I don’t want to know the answer to.)
    “See! We’ve been saying for a thousand years that the West has no Grace! Just look at Chicago! If any Orthodox priest even so much as whispered of a clown Divine Liturgy, they would find themselves waking up in the Siberian wilderness with no civilisation around them for a few thousand miles!”
    I hate to say it, but right now, the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church is a joke. The only “good” sign is the recent attacks on Catholic Churches in the aftermath of Roe v. Wade being overturned if our real enemies recognise what the Church is, then there is some hope.
    I can only hope and pray that in the future, a (legitimate) Pope Pius XIII comes along, and outlaws the NO. Without such drastic measures, I don’t see the Latin Rite surviving long into the 22nd century (the numbers are really bad).

  6. @ pop, I may be wrong, but I think the Latin Rite refers to the Traditional Latin Mass, and the NO is the Novus Ordo, the “mainstream” Mass. The TLM is increasing, which makes heretics shiver, but the NO is in freefall, and demographics will take over soon. Young people have little interest in it. So of course the rite that has all the interest but which is faithful to God, must be sawed off the tree.

  7. The trap is set. If they disobey the unjust order, then they will sooner-or-later be suppressed world-wide by the anti-pope. You can easily imagine Bishops with whom they currently have good relations throwing them under the bus; such is the evil of our times. Knowing the Canons of the Institute, they will not have been taken by surprise by this move. Whether that means they have an effective counter-move prepared remains to be seen, however. I’m praying that graces will be poured down upon the Institute and Cupich, which the latter will likely experience as “heaps of hot coals upon his head.” Rom. 12:20. At least I pray so, until he relents!

  8. Ann Barnhart has a very good post this morning about Cupich and how he’s the successor in a string of evil men from the satanist Bernadin, to the unapologetic pedophile McCarick, to the flaming queen Wuerl and now Cupich. Pray for Cupich’s conversion to the Catholic Faith but just know that based on overwhelming evidence, he’s an instrument of Satan – just like that pacamammy bitch worshipping thing in Rome.

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