Translation: “We overlords approve this assassination because dude was arch-conservative”

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17 thoughts on “Translation: “We overlords approve this assassination because dude was arch-conservative””

  1. Some analysts looking at the film say it may have been faked. See Anonymous Conservative

    1. I saw the footage on the teevee, he was lying on the ground on his back,shot twice from behind, with a homemade gun which supposedly pierced his heart, yet no exit wounds or blood….

  2. It really pisses me off that NPR wasn’t completely de-funded and dissolved when so-called conservative republicans controlled the White House and Congress. Pravda during the Soviet Union had more integrity than that snooty, elitist forum for limousine liberals in DC, NYC and their other enclaves.

    1. The problem is that anyone expects “conservative republicans” to actually do anything.
      With rare exceptions, the bulk are exactly like Bergolio. Scavenging on the right, but are secret lefties who’ll say the right thing once in a while, and that’s all they’ll do… say something, then do nothing, or do the opposite because, “y’all gotta compromise sometimes (everytime).”

    1. Don’t think so. At this point, the only “moment” seems to be triple (or quadruple) level inflation and empty shelves. Nothing else seems to awaken normie.

      1. Abe was pro-Taiwanese Independence along with other members of his family; his great-uncle Eisaku Sato was the last prime minister to visit Taiwan while in office.
        Do we really think China wouldn’t be concerned about what that would mean for their ambitions of regaining control of Taiwan?!
        Shinzo Abe Goes Hardline on Taiwan Support and Japan Should Pay Attention
        Nation remembers Shinzo Abe as a friend of Taiwan – Taipei Times
        U.S. should abandon ambiguity on Taiwan defense: Japan’s Abe

      2. Chinese General Sun Tzu wrote a book entitled, “The Art of War.” Sun Tzu’s thought is historically part of Chinese culture & tradition. Sun Tzu mentions the use of assassination in Chapter XIII, THE USE OF SPIES, #20. His book is required reading for the intelligence services of modern governments today in 2022.

    1. Right wing??? They called him a “divisive arch-conservative”. No one is just “right wing”, anymore.

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