What is behind the recent surge in excess deaths in the UK?


There were 1,540 more deaths than usual in England and Wales registered in the week ending June 24th, the most recent week for which data are available, according to the latest update from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), released on Tuesday. This is 16.6% above the five-year average. Of these deaths, 285 were registered ‘with Covid’ and 166 as due to Covid as underlying cause, leaving 1,374 from a different underlying cause.

This brings to 7,840 the total number of non-Covid excess deaths (above the five-year average) since April 29th, the start of the recent spike. Of these, a large proportion are occurring in the home, leading to calls for an urgent investigation into why thousands more people are dying than would be expected, despite Covid death numbers staying low. It is doubly concerning as following the 138,000 excess deaths since March 2020, a reduced number of deaths would now be expected due to the mortality displacement of people dying earlier than they ordinarily would.

As I noted last week, the current spike in non-Covid deaths has broadly coincided with the spring rollout of boosters to over-75s, which began on March 21st. This pattern is depicted in the following two charts.

The first shows cumulative non-Covid excess deaths by date of registration since week ending March 25th (the dip in the week ending June 3rd is due to the bank holiday weekend). The rise in doses and deaths around the same time is obvious.

The second chart shows weekly (not cumulative) non-Covid excess deaths by date of occurrence (I have split the first week’s vaccine doses between the first two weeks as there was no report in the first week).

A correlation of sorts is evident between vaccine doses and non-Covid death occurrences. However, it can also be seen that non-Covid mortality was rising since at least the start of February, though with a marked acceleration around the time of the booster rollout. It is also clear that non-Covid deaths do not fall off as the rollout winds up, which might have been expected if the vaccines are the primary driver.

The sharp rise in deaths by occurrence in the week ending June 17th is particularly noticeable…


8 thoughts on “What is behind the recent surge in excess deaths in the UK?”

  1. Dr John Campbell (relative good guy) talked about this today.
    In his view, the causes are complex and difficult to know, although after-effects of covid and its lockdowns may be most of it – e.g., people still feeling economic stress or emotional stress, people whose cancers weren’t caught properly in 2020-21, people whose other conditions went under-treated with 2 years of over-focus on covid, people suffering health after-shocks (sequelae) of covid infection.
    He doesn’t call out the vaxx, but lets the viewer infer that their after-effects could fit in.

  2. I can say, with unthinking confidence, that it is not the vaccine. If you suggest otherwise you are a grown up version of a poopy head. All those deaths may have been due to climate change or gardening or skipping breakfast or Putin.

  3. I think some of these deaths are in fact the result of Covid lockdowns, stress, avoiding hospitals, overdoses.. things like that. I don’t doubt it. However, many more are from the side effects or later effects caused by the “vaccine”.
    I just read something along the lines of everyone vaccinated will die within 3 years. The vaccines cause microclots and sooner or later, it will catch up with those vaccinated. Whether the deaths will be more pronounced late this year and next, who knows? But I do know they’ll never admit it’s the vaccine.

    1. But these “vaxx are going to kill everyone” claims are just like the “Trump is coming back!1!” claims: The timeline is always shifted out later.
      It’s alwaaaaaays in the future, just around the corner so get ready for something epic!! You won’t believe it!!!
      I know that the vaxx side effects kill about 10x more people than they’re supposed to – but that doesn’t mean “everyone” or “a billion” or whatever (which would be 10000x not 10x), is going to die by Jan 2022 or Sep 2022 or now June 2025 or whatever the timeline to “yay the fools deserve it!” catastrophe is now.
      Just like I do know Trump won 2020 – if you could wave a magic wand and count legal votes of actual citizens – but still, that doesn’t mean we’re in Devolution!! with a secret plan to bring him back 3 months away (always) once the “good” space aliens have helped Special Forces secure our cities from the Chinese nuclear bombs planted there and the underground tunnels with the trafficked kids, yadda yadda.
      See the analogy? Believe in what you yourself can prove. And in the Trinity. Only those 2 things.

      1. Amen, lots of good points made. It’s confusing, as even like-minded people don’t always agree.

    2. Don’t pass on a timeline. When they don’t happen then people ignore everything else said.
      Since the parasite class advertises their plans on the media or publishes their blueprints on publically accessible websites, link to them directly, like this: https://www.lucistrust.org/resources/the_christ (Luciferians plans to establish the reign of the antichrist).
      Bill Gates only told us he would solve overpopulation though vaccines. He did not say how or when. If three years go by without a mass die off people will say that his own public statements are a conspiracy theory.

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