Five minutes of Fauci on Tucker on Fauci and the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

Remember those days? It was only four months ago your Marxist employer was fully ready to fire you in the name of sCiEnCe and for the greater good. What about all those pilots and nurses who can’t get their jobs back because of Fauci?

Now, we are entering a period where parents are going to inject their infants with a substance that has been banned in a dozen countries. This isn’t anywhere near over. But the video is excellent.

3 thoughts on “Five minutes of Fauci on Tucker on Fauci and the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”

  1. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! He’ll be meeting Our Lord face-to-face in a few years. One could pray that Fauci has a serious covid case to wake him up, lest he enter eternal darkness.

  2. Omicron is basically a head cold. I’m in my sixties it made me lay down for a day and a half, due to slight fever and some body aches. It gave me a cough. I asked a doctor the other day (not connected to Omicron) about his recommendations for Covid injections. He said people have to do a risk/benefit analysis to decide. But that was, I think, largely about the initial infections, not what we have now. It is absurd to give these shots to young healthy people, risky to give it to teens, insane to give it to children, and criminal to give it to babies.
    My God in heaven, what are we thinking. Well, we’re not. Anyone who would take their precious baby or child to a drag queen would probably sign them up for a shot of whatever. In. Sane.

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