Whoever could have predicted that the mRNA vaxx would result in not merely failure, but worse than failure?

A powerful new paper in Science magazine suggests the vaccines are useless if not harmful against Omicron

ByAlex Berenson

mRNA Covid vaccines offer essentially no defense against Omicron only months after a booster shot, according to a major new study from British researchers.

Both antibody and T-cell protection are nearly non-existent, the scientists found.

In an even more worrisome development, when vaccinated but previously uninfected people suffer breakthrough Omicron infections, their T-cell response is biased toward earlier versions of Sars-Cov-2 – not to the Omicron variant that has actually infected them.

In other words, the mRNA shots appear to permanently wrongfoot the immune systems of people who receive and bias them toward producing T-cells to attack variants that no longer exist – even though they never were infected with those variants at all.

The T-cell problems are particularly surprising and worrisome.

While antibodies are the first line of defense against infection and try to clear the virus from the bloodstream, T-cells are the crucial second line. They attack and destroy infected cells and also work with other parts of the immune system to produce more and better targeted antibodies later.

Vaccine advocates have claimed endlessly that mRNA-generated T-cells help keep people from becoming severely ill with Covid even after frontline antibody protection against infection disappears.

This study suggests that supposed protection may be a myth, and the low death rates from Omicron are simply a result of Omicron’s general lack of virulence in vaccinated and unvaccinated people alike.

The study also provides additional evidence that the way the mRNA shots work may leave vaccinated people even more vulnerable to infection and reinfection over time.

The jabs cause people to make one type of coronavirus antibodies. But the study suggested the immune system’s ability to beat the virus also depends on other antibodies – and the shots hamper the production of those.

Scientists have been loathe to admit, much less discuss, the potential long-term problems that mRNA vaccine suppression of broad antibody production may cause.

In this case, though, the authors were concerned enough to acknowledge the issue. They wrote that overall immunity may benefit from parts of the coronavirus that are “exposed only during infection.” Even so, they buried that warning in highly technical language deep in the paper, a sign of the political sensitivities that surround any criticism of the vaccines.


The prestigious journal Science published the paper, which is based on analysis of antibodies and B- and T-cells in a group of British healthcare workers whom the researchers have followed since March 2020.

The researchers were focused primarily on Omicron’s potential to cause reinfections in vaccinated people who had already been infected with earlier variants of Covid. But they also examined its potential to cause first-time infections in previously uninfected but vaccinated people. Those are the findings that are most interesting for anyone interested in vaccine failure.

Unfortunately but unsurprisingly, the scientists did not look at the immune responses of anyone who was not vaccinated – with or without previous infection. Thus the paper offers no direct comparison of the way Omicron may affect antibody and B- and T-cell responses in vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Why didn’t the researchers include unvaccinated people? Maybe because nearly all British adults are vaccinated and most boosted, so the authors wanted to concentrate on the risks Omicron poses to vaccinated people.

Or maybe because they worried about what they’d find if they directly compared the two groups.

Nonetheless, the paper shows clearly that vaccinations and booster doses offer at most a few weeks of protection against Omicron.

None of the “triple-vaccinated, infection naive” people the researchers studied had antibodies able to neutralize Omicron within 14 weeks after the third dose. And the researchers found a T-cell response to Omicron in only 1 of 10 people who had been triply vaccinated but not previously infected.

In addition, the researchers found that a group of previously uninfected but vaccinated people who then became infected with Omicron had a much stronger T-cell response to earlier variants.

As is typical with papers that present findings this damning, the researchers did not explicitly draw the most worrisome conclusions their data suggests.

But they did openly suggest the fact that the immune response in vaccinated people is biased toward earlier coronavirus variants rather than Omicron even in people who weren’t infected with those earlier variants could help explain “frequent B.1.1.529 (Omicron) reinfections with short time intervals between infections are proving a novel feature in this wave.”

Less clear is what, if anything, anyone can do about this imprinting. The authors noted that efforts by vaccine makers to produce newer mRNA shots that cause the body to produce the Omicron spike have largely failed to overcome the problem, probably for the same reason – the initial imprinting is too strong.

In the meantime, though, Omicron remains relatively mild. As long as it does not mutate to become more dangerous, vaccine advocates can continue to pretend that the billion-person clinical trial of 2021 is not ending catastrophically.

15 thoughts on “Whoever could have predicted that the mRNA vaxx would result in not merely failure, but worse than failure?”

  1. As one who is around a lot of “smart people” (think: Physics/Engineering fields), I can attest to the fact that intelligence and morality don’t match up at all. I wouldn’t put it past anyone to use this recent plandemic to conduct their own “off the books” experiment(s) with this whole fiasco.
    I also wonder how many people who voluntarily took the shot are now scared out of their minds wondering, “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome…?”

  2. People are emotionally invested in having made “the right choice”, and there are probably many who don’t want to admit they made a mistake. Once again the people have bought into the whole “winning” and “losing” mindset, that has pitted one segment of society against another, and we all lose. This is an insidious way to think, I must win and you must lose, since life is not a sporting event. Everybody has become far stupider than we were ten years ago. Earlier generations would not laugh at us, they would be horrified by us. We are barely human, many are sub-human. It is troubling to see people gloat over people not doing well in any way. We are absolutely lesser human beings if we do that. It is easy to fall into hate, love is much harder. Two great things about it though, it is more godly, and our world is better when we do it.
    The outcome of this godless clinical trial experiment that has been foisted on human beings as if we are lab rats is diabolical, and the people doing it are clearly evil. Pray that God defeats them.

    1. Good post Kate. I have to catch myself every now and then. I get very frustrated with this topic.

    2. Pray that God defeats them, yes, and we know He will, but out of charity we must also pray that He converts them.

  3. All it would have have taken was some background knowledge and some critical thinking. Gates is on the record stating that vaccines will lower the world population. People make lots of gymnastics about how improved healthcare would lead to people have less children, but just a little critical thinking would reveal that is just a rationalization, like when Catholic apologists say that the Pachamama incident was not idolatry.

    1. Sin blinds….and the current population on earth (as a whole…PARTICULARLY in the former USA) is probably much more sinful than at any other time of existence…even prediluvian. Romans 8 says it all…of course so does Gen 19:1-22. We’ve got MASSIVE punishment and tribulation coming soon (the rest of Gen 19 on steroids)…..I just pray that it is end times.

  4. This lost me. So I did not complete reading it. TMI blocks learning/understanding. I find such writing to be everywhere these days. KISS is what I was taught. The older I get, the true KISS has become.

    1. The vaxx over-train people’s immune systems on a narrow piece of the puzzle, namely the “spike protein” only, and that in its version from “original Wuhan variant” only.
      With multiple shots, the end result is that people’s immune systems have over-trained to that one, narrow, outdated piece of the puzzle.
      New variants have new versions of spike protein, that people’s immune systems don’t know how to fight and can just barely be trained to fight.
      It’s as if you wanted to be a great basketball player, so you trained your jump shot over & over endlessly – only to find that you are no good at varied, real-life basketball.

  5. These findings seem to confirm Geert Vanden Bossche’s latest hypothesis that an upcoming variant will be catastrophically lethal to the vaccinated. They destroyed their God given immune systems.
    The unvaccinated should be ok since their immune system have adapted adequately to mutated forms of the virus. Bossche believes that currently the virus is mutating its way into the lower respiratory system which could be lethal to the vaccinated.
    God have mercy.

  6. What puzzles me is why anyone thinks that a vaccine not specifically designed for Omicron would
    protect against Omicron. Isn’t that the problem with the regular flu vaccine in that it’s a crap shoot
    to choose the variant that will prevail in any given year?
    Although it’s good to learn about the bad effects of MrNA in general re: immune response.

  7. It’d be interesting to know if the “other” vaxx (I won’t call them vaccines!) do this also.
    Astra-Zenica, Johnson & Johnson were supposed to be 1-shot. They don’t use mRNA or the lipid nanoparticle (LPN) platform – they use a less-toxic, better-known adenovirus mechanism. But they do over-focus on only spike protein, and only the spike protein of the original Wuhan variant.
    So I’d GUESS that their effects here are similar to the mRNA vaxx – except less damage, if indeed you only had a 1 single shot of A-Z or J&J (skipping the booster nonsense). But I’d rather not guess. I’d rather see a study.
    Next, Sinovac, what China uses. It’s “whole virus.” It probably (I don’t really know) over-focuses on the original Wuhan variant. But, being whole virus, at least it doesn’t over-focus on the spike protein. It requires 3 shots to have a solid consistent effect. So, how does Sinovac fit in? I think Russia’s is in this category too?

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