What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

by Karl Denninger

Nobody would ever play with something like this in…… humans.


“A team of scientists in the US have accidentally created overly-aggressive mutant hamsters following a gene-editing experiment. Using the controversial CRISPR technology, researchers at Northwestern University were examining a hormone called vasopressin and its receptor, Avpr1a.”


“The academics found the adorable bundles of fluff turned into mutant rage monsters exhibiting ‘high levels of aggression towards other same-sex individuals’.”

Uh huh.

We’re so smart, right?

We’ll never make a serious mistake playing with genetic reprogramming.

Such a mistake might not show up until a generation has been born and grows up.

Such a mistake could present the worst of Hobson’s choices.

We are not so smart when it comes to both animal and human structure.  We do not understand all the pieces that work together to form the immune system.  Oh, we think we do, and there’s some knowledge to be certain — we’re not completely ignorant.  But anyone who tries to tell you that they have a deterministic — that is, “if A then B” sort of understanding is lying to you.

Nobody does.

Something to think about.

7 thoughts on “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

  1. Think about this now:
    If this story about hamsters is what makes the news, what other scientific “experiments” have been done, and are currently being done out there that DON’T make the news…?

  2. Folks, the genetic engineering and human/mouse/animal hybriding is more advanced and worse than you think. Much, much, worse. What has been developing under the radar for years is now out in the open and it is not only the research, but also the active ingredient production of much of today’s medicine. Run like hell when you hear “personalized medicine,” and “cell and gene therapy”. The medical and scientific community for the most part, is oblivious to the abject horror of what they’re doing on a daily basis. It’s so bad – I kid you not – that if Dr. Mengele were alive today, he’d be awarded with a Nobel prize.

  3. James is surely correct, they are doing things we would cry about. Once “scientists” found it acceptable to do things like graft baby scalps onto rats, we can only imagine. Fauci and his poor beagles. These people are creating hell on earth, because they have no fear of God, to them there is no god, they are God.
    The good Lord is going to have to help us, we are not able to remedy this. Get to prayin.

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