Fairfield update and devotion to the Sacred Heart: “O most sacred Heart of Jesus, fountain of every blessing, I adore you and I love you!”

During this holy month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Nuns are praying for you and your intentions in a most special way.Because of their growing numbers, the Nuns are in need of a few items.See the link below if you would like to help!Amazon Wish ListThe Refectory’s roof is well underway:Our construction continues steadily on, but we need all the help we can get!A one-time gift or a monthly contribution goes a long way for us. The interior of the Refectory section needs to be completed by late fall so the Nuns can move in.Once the Nuns are in this section and in the Recreation & Work Rooms building (already completed), they will be living altogether in the same area. Furthermore, because the rest of construction will be on the front side, they will no longer have construction crews occupying and working in their enclosure.


This little stone cottage was first our temporary Chapel, then was sleeping quarters for a few of the Nuns…Now it is the Turn Area and Speak Room for visitors and families.Eventually, this will be guest quarters for visiting priests, bishops, immediate families, and aspirants.

The cottage will remain our Speak Room for the duration of the construction.

5 thoughts on “Fairfield update and devotion to the Sacred Heart: “O most sacred Heart of Jesus, fountain of every blessing, I adore you and I love you!””

  1. Good Saturday morning, Mark.
    Looked at their Amazon wish list. Wanted to buy them lamp oil via Amazon. Clicked to buy but there is no direct link to their address. I thought it would be easy and a click away. Apparently not. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. I’d rather buy them something on their list from somewhere other than amazon (don’t want to give half a cent to bezos….feeding the literal satanic beast), and send it to them myself.
      OR, send them some $, and specify what it’s for on the list, and where it can be purchased on-line OTHER than amazon.

  2. Do you ever wonder why the United States hasn’t been destroyed by the kind of fire and brimstone as prophesied at Akita and, according to our true holy father, Pope Benedict, Fatima? I personally think God’s most justified wrath hasn’t destroyed the United States – yet – because of the Traditional Carmelites we are blessed to have in Fairfield, Pennsylvania. What they’re building there isn’t worldly. They’re off the grid to the max but, despite their 18th Century lifestyle, they are bursting at the seams with vocations and having been there, I’ve NEVER felt so connected to the Mass as I am when the priests and hermits that minister to them, read the Traditional Carmelite Mass. We Americans are too spoiled and too worldly. We need better humility and a full acknowledge and trust in God as our Divine Master. What’s happening in Fairfield is the blueprint. I can’t predict the future but I think its more than obvious that Fairfield is the future of Religious in the 21st Century and that’s a very, very good thing.

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