5 thoughts on “Obama laughs while admitting the experimental deathjab was clinically tested on billions of people”

  1. He told two truths. One, it was tested on billions of people. And, two, misleadingly but nevertheless true, people are dying from misinformation — just that it’s misinformation about what the “vaccines” really do to people. They like to throw in truths sometimes.

  2. If you want to know who is responsible politically for the hell the world is in, you’re looking at him. If you want to know who is responsible morally for the hell we are in, it’s Benedict XVI (his stupid “resignation”) and Bergoglio the Demon Consecrator.

    1. Benedict may have delayed the apocalypse. Jesus keeps His promises, including that the gate of hell would never prevail.

  3. What evil lurks in the hearts of these Democrats. They have no shame, they have no fear of God.
    These people have revealed they are evil spawn, and nothing good can come from them. They must never again be so empowered as they have been. Every voter has been shown clearly what these people are about, no need to rehash it here. To choose these people to represent you is to choose tyranny, to choose blatant, satanic evil. What else would we call people who have done what they have done, and as to cap it all off, continue to push for literal infanticide, abortion weeks AFTER a baby is born. They have no problem with that, so they have truly revealed how determined they are to go to Hell, and to take voters with them.

  4. I don’t hold P Benedict responsible for our trouble. I thought he was used by God to shorten these times for the sake of the elect by resigning. And as an aside, the days are actually getting shorter as the planet is spinning faster. People measure these things. Prayers for Pope Benedict.

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