Infographic: Philly health commish takes victory lap as she splains the skience behind the four day mask miracle

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Philadelphia has lifted its indoor mask mandate, city health officials said Friday, abruptly reversing course just days after people in the city had to start wearing masks again…

The Board of Health voted Thursday to rescind the mandate, according to the health department, which released a statement that cited “decreasing hospitalizations and a leveling of case counts.”

“We have said throughout the pandemic that we will respond based on the data available. In implementing our mask mandate, we had promised to continue to monitor hospitalizations and to review the need for the mandate if hospitalizations did not rise following the rise in cases,” Dr. Cheryl Bettigole, Philadelphia’s Health Commissioner, said in a statement Friday morning.

She added, “We are grateful to see that Philadelphians once again stepped up, responding to this pandemic with solidarity and care for each other. And that response and the data demonstrating its effectiveness makes it possible for us to announce today that we are rolling back Philadelphia’s mask mandate…”

Bettigole told the Board of Health at a public meeting Thursday night that hospitalizations had unexpectedly gone down 25% in a matter of days.

“We’re in a situation that we really had not anticipated being in this soon but it is good news,” she said, according to a transcript of the meeting. “So I’m really very happy…”

Now let’s have a look at the city’s own website tracking hospitalizations:

Those last four weeks are 8, 18, 8, and 7 total people in the hospital in the entire city. The decision to issue the mask mandate came the week it went from 18 to 8. Now that it has gone from 8 to 7, the masks worked and we don’t need them any more. Yay us.

Never forget, the power trip is seriously enhanced by the visibility and the getting away with it.

7 thoughts on “Infographic: Philly health commish takes victory lap as she splains the skience behind the four day mask miracle”

  1. Sadly, this Dr. Cheryl Bettigole will probably be promoted despite her diabolical mix of dishonesty and stupidity.

  2. I quit my job in Philly this past February due to the vaccines, (was not allowed in my office building due to unvaxxed status). This week has always been a huge week for tourists and others visiting the liberty bell, Independence Hall and eating at local restaurants. The sheer stupidity (malice?) of the vax mandate being reinstituted now at the beginning of tourist season is just mind boggling.

  3. Mask mandates will begin to be lifted as the midterms approach. Watch for falling gas prices and other evidence of fakery, such as news about our booming economy, victory over the cooff, and more. Sigh.

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